Wellness Nursing Diagnosis – Wellness&Lifestyle Example

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"Wellness Nursing Diagnosis" is an excellent example of a paper on wellness and lifestyle. The family’ s values and perceptions about health influence their health concern. From the diagnosis, the family is conscious of its health thereby maintaining good health status. They carry out periodic checkups and have appropriate vaccines. Additionally, the family shows awareness of some of the common remedies and often offers common remedies to some of the common diseases such as colds, flues, and accidents at home. Offering effective first aid services can save a life before professional health service providers arrive at the scene of the accident.

Such features validate the claim that the family has desirable health values and perceptions. Nutrition influences both the physical wellbeing of the body and its defense against diseases (Stolte, 1996). The family in this context does not have any food preferences. They love homemade food often characterized by vegetables and fruits. This implies that the family ingests various foods including vitamins, proteins, and lipids among others in varying but consistent proportions. The fact that they eat homemade food implies that they monitor the cleanliness of their meals besides eating to their fill whenever they are hungry.

As such, the family’ s nutrition is effective and offers appropriate defense against common diseases that arise from nutrient deficiencies. Sleep and rest influence the body’ s activity thus the health status of an individual. Members of this family have appropriate sleep patterns. None of them has trouble falling asleep and they sleep for an appropriate duration every night. The respondent explains that none of the family members has indefinite sleep patterns. However, he notes he does not sleep well when stressed.

Such is a normal observation since stress engages the mind. He also observers that they do not have any type of elimination difficulties and do not, therefore, use any form of home remedies for the same problem. Exercise keeps the body fit and functioning normally. The family tries to keep physically fit. The children in the family for example have life membership to a local gym where they engage in various physical exercises. A female child in the family is a professional tennis player. The rest of the family enjoy biking an activity that engages them effectively.

Such types of physical exercise help burn calories in the body while stretching the stress limits for the various family members thereby ensuring that the family members develop appropriately while acquiring desirable social traits. No member of the family has any physical factor to limit their engagement in physical activities. The body senses portray the effectiveness of a body’ s functionality and its alertness (Weber, 2009). The family does not have any form of hearing impairment and does not therefore use any form of hearing aid.

The family carries out regular medical checkups. Through such regular checkups, the father in the family realized that his changing vision. The man admits that he is developing long-sightedness. The rest of the family members have not experienced any form of changes in their senses such as sight and smell among others. Such observations imply that the family has an appropriate lifestyle that enhances their health. Self-perception on the other hand helps portray the psychological stability of an individual. The family members enjoy close relationships among themselves.

Every member plays a role in the family a feature that shows the importance that every member of the family feels. The father believes he is an important figure in the family. As the head of the family, he provides for his family besides holding the family together. Other members of the family also enjoy a sense of importance owing to the nature of the relationship that exists among themselves. The respondent explains that she is satisfied with her role in the family. The role that one plays in a relationship portrays their level of maturity and development of appropriate interpersonal skills.

The woman explains that her husband takes care of the family’ s finances. However, they consult and only make decisions after effective consultations. She prides on the fact that she is both a mother and a wife. She, therefore, plays her roles happily, as she raises her children and keeping her husband happy. She observes that the other members of the family play equally important roles in their relationships within the family. The children for example help with chores at home besides keeping the family lively.

The close relationship between the members of the family helps with the resolution of personal problems. The children trust their parents and always share their problems. This ensures that the parents bring them up appropriately. The sexual life of an individual is equally important in portraying the health status of an individual. The woman explains that she has an active sex life, which she enjoys. She explains that they still feel some passion in the relationship. The passion enhances their sex life thus sustaining their relationship. She is not experiencing any problem and has not experienced any changes in their sexual life. The family has appropriate strategies for coping with stressful situations (Carpenito-Moyet, 2007).

The woman explains that she listens to music to relax. They found music helpful since it gives them time to meditate. Fortunately, her husband loves music too. This, therefore, gives them time to meditate on their issues together. However, she adds that her husband likes fishing as well and always retreats to fish whenever he does not feel like sharing her stress with the wife.

Fishing works for him since it gives him a private session to meditate on stressful issues. None of them goes to church. They do not participate in community programs either. She explains that she would handle such a challenging situation as unemployment by relying on her husband. She will therefore share all her stress with her husband besides developing a hobby. In retrospect, the family portrays desirable health and psychological features. The family has balanced nutrition and does not therefore experience any form of deficiencies. They also have appropriate rest and sleep both of which are vital in the development of an individual.

The members of the family are of stable minds owing to the relationship that exists among them. Periodic medical checks ensure that they observe their health developments thus mitigate appropriately.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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