Rex Health Care and Service Line Teams – Wellness&Lifestyle Example

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"Rex Health Care and Service Line Teams" is a great example of a paper on wellness and lifestyle. Health care is important in the world today as people need to have good health to live long and enjoy their lives. Health care is a field of discipline that focuses on the wellness of people which is composed of issues related to nutrition, rehabilitation, disease management and many more. Without it, people will not be able to survive for long as they may face various illnesses and health imbalances.                       Health care encompasses various procedures and methods that focus on the wellness of people.

It involves the identification of the health status, treatment delivery, and avoidance of any negative health conditions like injuries and impairments. People who are involved in the field come from various disciplines. They can be pharmacists, physical therapists, psychiatrists, dentists, nurses, caregivers, chiropractors, medical doctors and many more (McConnell, 2007, p. 33).                       The use of health care assistance depends upon the specific needs of people that may come from different races, groups, cultures, economies, and societies. Nations also have their own approaches in the field of health care in terms of how they provide support to their citizens.

Some countries may be able to sponsor some surgeries and other operations while other nations may only have health care projects for the poorest members of the society such as free consultations. Systems have been placed to provide the required health attention to certain populations in particular areas. For health care to be effective, the systems must have a suitable configuration to give the best services to the people who need medical and health attention.                       The system of health care may differ from one nation to another.

The decision-making is spread among the members of the system while others have centralized planning. With the difference in planning strategies comes the variety in the sustainability of the health care system. In general, it is advisable for the system of health care to garner sustainable financial strategies. It cannot be denied that money drives any business and even health care operates as a business since there are transactions. Other than sound finances, well-supported and experienced staff must be employed in the system for it to function to its optimal performance.

In addition, enough information is also necessary when planning and implementing policies (Budrys, 2011). Technology and high-quality medicines must also be available to immediately support the growing health needs of the patients.                       Health care has been known as a very important system because it promotes the wellness of people across nations. It combats diseases and increases the survival rates of people with various illnesses and diseases. Since health care is vital to survival and everyday living, quality proves to be a top priority.

Services and assistance for the sick and other people with health concerns must meet the standards established by the professionals and regulated by the government. Health has been a sensitive field because if no proper assistance is given, the condition of the patients can lead to a fatal situation. A good example is Rex Health Care. It is a non-profit organization that specializes in taking care of the wellness of people and some services for the research triangle (McLaughlin and Kaluzny, 2006, p.

547). As it experienced changes across time, Rex Health Care had its own hospital with various medical staff. It aims to focus on its patients in providing systematic health care assistance and to become the leader in providing the most appropriate solutions to the conditions of its patients. It also aims to be sustainable through its experienced staff, affordable services, and teamwork. In addition, innovations can contribute to the improvement of Rex Hospital based on its mission (McLaughlin and Kaluzny, 2006, p. 549). The hospital has a mission that reflects its goals toward long-term improvement and care for their patients.                       The condition in the triangle area has competition among three hospitals namely Rex, Raleigh Community Hospital and Wake Medical Center.

The area had more than one million people with low cases of unemployment which means people have money to access health care (McLaughlin and Kaluzny, 2006, p. 550).   It shows that there is sustainability in the health care system in the area and encourages more efforts to improve the overall performance and services of the hospitals. With the growth in population, there are more opportunities for health care providers to market their services.

In addition, Wake Medical Center has a bigger market share than Rex Hospital. Despite that, Rex has been known to have superior services in various fields (McLaughlin and Kaluzny, 2006, p. 551).                       The improvements that happened to Rex Hospital are attributed to the developments that they had in the past despite some setbacks. The continuous efforts had paved the way to the current state of the system of Rex (McLaughlin and Kaluzny, 2006, p.

552). It had not given up on its early efforts as it continuously tries new ways to improve its sustainable services and provide health care assistance without losing the quality.                       The Committee that focuses on the improvement of the performance of Rex Hospital is interdisciplinary as it overlooks the processes and practices across departments in the hospital. It looks at the practices and reports them to the medical executive committee, joint conference committee and the board of trustees (McLaughlin and Kaluzny, 2006, p. 553).                         Next would be the service lines which promote the accountability of hospital staff that provides the necessary care for particular groups of patients.

The lines are created based on the similarities in the needs of the patients and they have the same diagnosis. The following are the ten lines created for services: neuroscience, medicine, pulmonary, general surgery, primary care, emergency, orthopedics, women, oncology and cardiovascular (McLaughlin and Kaluzny, 2006, p. 553). Each of the service lines has nursing staff and a team leader who provide support to the patients while evaluating their current needs and performance.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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