Emotional Awareness and Emotional Control – Wellness&Lifestyle Example

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"Emotional Awareness and Emotional Control" is a wonderful example of a paper on wellness and lifestyle. From the LiveWell Results, it is evident that I have an excellent occupational and intellectual life. An overview of my life concerning drugs and physical self-care reveals that I am doing a commendable job, although there are adjustments that I may need to perform to be excellent. Likewise, a score of 86% on the results slip on my spiritual life reveals that I am at peace with my creator. However, there are several areas in my life that I need to work on so that I become an all-around person.

It is evident that I have a problem with my emotional awareness and emotional control. In addition, there is a gap in the manner in which I handle my physical life  (Hettler, 2007). Both nutritional intake that I value and physical fitness do not work well to keep my body in good shape. These four facets of my lifestyle result in mediocrity in my endeavors to live a full and satisfying life. The first assessment I have to do in my physical fitness undertaking is to ensure that I increase my continuous, vigorous aerobics that leads to sweating for at least thirty minutes for a minimum of four days a week.

Currently, I avoid any sort of exercise that leads to sweating and straining as much as possible. I have approached exercises as a punishment rather than an event meant to make my life better. In addition, there is a need to reassess my values and perceptions of sleep. Whereas it is healthy to get enough sleep, I have been oversleeping.

In order to keep healthy physically, I may have to reduce the number of hours I spend in bed. Considering my dietary intake, there is a need to opt for other foods other than lean cuts of meat, fish, and poultry. I have often gone opted for these alternatives whenever I consider foods other than vegetables. Henceforth, I may have to consider other foods such as cereals and fruits instead of excessive protein and fats intake. Further, I have to increase my fluid intake, especially water. Most importantly, there is a need to reduce the amount of sugar in my diet.

Often, I add too much sugar to my drinks and consume large amounts of pre-sweetened foodstuff and sugar-coated syrups, cereals, and fast foods. Concerning my physical healthcare, there is proof that I have done my best to keep high standards of personal hygiene. However, I will endeavor to keep my pulse rate at 60 or less. It is a worrying trend that my resting pulse rate is more than 60 while I have more than enough sleep.

The solution is a healthy diet. Emotionally, there is a need for a lot of changes. I need to reassess my emotional relationships with other people and improve my comfort with those I relate with. I need to always feel positive about myself since so far, I have low self-esteem. This could be the reason why it is hard to be comfortable with the people around me. I find no enthusiasm in life and often find the things that make people happy quite uninteresting and stupid. I may need the help of a therapist to help me understand my own emotions, and be able to develop intimate relationships with people.   Although I am well placed religiously, there is a need for me to understand other people, accept varied beliefs, and accept them as they are.

With these adjustments, I am sure I will have a full and interesting life.    


Hettler, B. (2007). LiveWell. Retrieved January 2014, 15, from Livewell:


Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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