Concepts of Altered Health States – Symptoms Example

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"Concepts of Altered Health States" is a perfect example of a paper on symptoms. The diagnosis finds Mrs. R to be Multiple Myeloma Positive. The doctor is successful in confirming the presence of Multiple Myeloma. Multiple Myeloma begins when there is a fracture that penetrates into the bone marrow. It begins in the B lymphocytes and as they move ahead, they exhibit diverse proteins on the surface of their cells. Multiple Myeloma then advances in the B lymphocytes. Before this stage, they have come from the left side of the lymph node known as the germinal center.

Because of the immune system, the propagation of B cells and the secretion of antibodies are maintained under normal levels. The prescribed order is to show that the doctor has related all the symptoms to the possible disease (Alsina, 2004). The doctor has narrowed down the mind to the disease that shows the majority of the symptoms. The Lab report shows all the minerals present in the right proportion. The volume of the red blood cells is much less than that of the platelets.

It, therefore, means that the white blood cells dominate the red blood cells, and renders the red blood cells weak as it has been reported that Mr. R. has fatigue. The prescribed medication has a combination of medicines that increase the levels of essentials that replenish the bone marrow minerals. In prescribing the medicines, the doctor intended to combine drugs that can not react negatively with each other. The most important diagnosis that relates closely to this medication is Lymphocytes. Case Study 2 Small Cell Adenocarcinoma of the light lung/Mrs                       Light microscopy and standard hematoxylin, and eosin staining of tissue from the metastatic focus can distinguish those tumors with the obvious.

The prescribed order serves the purpose of monitoring test results one at a time. The order contains the possible tests of all reactions that reveal the presence of nonsmall cell Adenocarcinoma. The Lab values diagnosis shows that the doctor’ s diagnosis has a direct relationship with the order of the test.   The prescribed medicine serves the remedial purpose of replenishing the body tissues that were destroyed as a result of smoking.

The health condition as a result of this test for Mr. V shows a high probability of him having cancer of the lungs.   Of course among them, there is the medicine to take care of the pain in coughing. The nursing consideration is that whenever a person has the latest strain of cancer, there is a need for him or her to avoid too much work (Porth & Matfin, 2009). They should not have any restrictions on whether to play with others. The number 1 nursing diagnosis is the level of coughing, fatigue, and physical strength.

Even though physical observation shows a high probability of the disease, it doesn’ t rule out lab tests.  


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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