Health Issues at Bronx Community College and their Proposed Solution – Social&Family Issues Example

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"Health Issues at Bronx Community College and their Proposed Solution" is an exceptional example of a paper on social and family issues. The next generation is the future of any nation and therefore, the government should ensure their survival by providing them state-of-the-art healthcare services. The provision of humanitarian services is useless if the population is not careful with their health (Kelly et al, 1993). The Bronx College is housing students from various cultures, races, and nations and therefore, the organizational normative outlook is exhibiting taste and color from every part of the country.

The youngsters, however, get carried away in the wilderness of their youthfulness and indulge themselves in careless sexual activities that may make them victims to the most notorious illnesses in the world such as all sorts of Hepatitis and even Aids. The abovementioned diseases are either incurable or their treatments are expensive and painful with a low success rate. Based on the previously mentioned facts, it can be established that patients with Aids are surely going to leave this world by the hands of their condition, and those who contracted hepatitis will spend a painful life or join their friends who suffered from Aids in the heavens. The diseases that are known to happen as a result of poor blood transfusion and unsafe sexual activities are lethal in a major number of cases and because of this reason, the youngsters at the featured educational institution should be informed about the value and importance of protection in sex and using clear blood for transfusion.

The awareness programs will compel the students to become more careful during sexual activities.

Additionally, the medical professionals can play a vital role during the campaign because they can present empirical and scientific evidence about the lethality of the diseases. Moreover, they can quote their experiences with the suffering of patients who contracted the featured diseases. The male population of the college must also be guided towards using safe and clean instruments for shaving and other grooming activities because they can also cause illnesses. The campaign should be planned on the basis of planting fear in the target population because these youngsters are accustomed to playing it tough.

They consider risk as an ultimate part of life and therefore, they will be a little hard to convince to play it safe.   Furthermore, it would be best that male and female medical professionals guide the youngsters belonging to their gender in separately held seminars because this will ensure frankness to prevail and disadvantages of unsafe sex can be discussed openly. According to modern psychological theory, fear has the power to become a very strong motivator. The power of fear will be used in order to force the next generation towards adopting safety precautions in the natural need to fulfill sexual curiosity. The Bronx Community College was founded in the year of 1957 and now it is considered part of the City University of New York.

As a community-sponsored facility, it is conceptualized and developed in the form of a college that thrives in order to satisfy the educational needs of middle and lower classes’ children. The students belong to a society that is identified with lower literacy and civic rates. These attributes may play a significant role in causing the children to become indulged in such practices that can make them suffer from the most infamous diseases on this planet.

The only way to make the target population refrain from unsafe endeavors that may lead to contracting dangerous diseases is to inform them about what can happen to them if they do not abandon unprecedented sexual activities. 30% of the students are Black Hispanics whereas, 60% are Hispanics in general. The remaining population is made up of American Indians, Asians, and White Americans. The total population of the college has 58% and 41% of females and males respectively.

The 54%, 17%, 11%, 9%, and 7% of the total students are studying Liberal Arts, Business Administration, Teacher Assistance, Dietitian and Radiology respectively (StateUniversity, n.d. ). The role of medical professionals serving in the community hospitals and healthcare centers will be the most important one in terms of eradicating the problem. It is because the youngsters will most probably go to a community healthcare center in case of having a problem. Additionally, the nurses and medics will have to provide their services to the cause without receiving any compensation against it.

The supporters should motivate the medics so that they can perform their duties for the greater good. The ideas that are necessary to communicate will not take long and the objective can be achieved with help of small talk. The message should also be communicated at the right moment to keep its effectiveness intact. The patients are most vulnerable to the influence of suggestion while suffering pain that has even the mildest possible nature. The opportunity must be used in order to plant the seed of thought which will one day affect the actions of the target population.

Every great change was brought with the assistance of modifying the mindset. Thought is supposed to the basis of action because they form repetitive attitudes. The speaking and communicative powers of individuals remained the defining attributes of the historical and successful leaders and it is stated and believed that if one is talking then, he or she has the strength to change the mindset (Rus et al, 2010). The general idea behind the plan is to keep talking about the ill-effects of reckless behaviors and it will no doubt become a matter of time before youngsters will start to respond to the intervention. Conclusively, the Hispanics come from a culture that relishes informality so the idea of incorporating small talk will meet success and when the time is right then, this campaign can be carried forward through series of seminars and lectures on the topic.

The Whites have a history of remaining conscious of their health and because of this reason; the core target should be less evolved races and social classes.



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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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