Improved Technologies in the Nursing Houses – Nursing Homes Example

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"Improved Technologies in the Nursing Houses" is a good example of a paper on nursing homes.   Currently, in the world of today, the number of old age people is on the rise as compared to the previous years. The increase in the number of an old person in nursing homes can be linked to several factors: Improves health services; the current health service is of high quality. The presence of the medication of some of the diseases that used to kill people decades ago is the major reason why they have a high lifespan.

Furthermore, it is the reason for mower elderly people as compared to the past decade. Currently, elderly persons understand the need for good eating habits. They understand some of the conditions and diseases like obesity which is mainly caused by poor eating habits. The good eating habit has enabled the elderly to remain strong and healthy. Improved technology in the nursing home; improvement in technology is another reason for the increased number of elderly persons in the nursing home. The advanced technology has made work easy for those people facing some difficulties in undertaking the daily duties.

Elderly persons are the group who finds it hard in doing certain jobs. The nursing homes have put in place certain technologies that may assist elderly persons. These may include the installation of the sensors like the motion sensor that will detect the probability of falling of an elderly person and then calls for assistance. Another motion sensor is that detects the blinking of the eye and closes the window of pots on or off the light. This advance in technology has attracted the elderly in nursing homes. It is important to understand that elderly care is majorly affected by tradition and culture.

For instant, the Asian culture prefers the elderly person to be cared for by the young ones hence they find it hard taking the elderly persons to the nursing home. These cultures dictated the environment, structure, and members of staff of the nursing home. Nurses should understand the diversity in the nursing home due to the admission of elderly persons from different backgrounds. For a proper understanding of how to provide the best service to the elderly person's doctors and nurses have continued their learning and research in various areas related to medicine.

The doctors and nurses have managed to achieve this by referring to journals from the computer centers and printed journals. However, they still face various challenges when it comes to research; this challenge is mainly experienced when it comes to the used of e-journals. The doctors and nurses find it hard to use an advanced database such as MD-Consult, ProQuest, EBSCO, and Science Direct. This difficulty is majorly due to lack of computer training.

Doctors currently have undergone a lot of changes when it comes to obtaining relevant information relating to health. The doctors can now find relevant information on social websites like Quantia MD, Ozmosis, Google Plus, Sermo, doc2doc. These websites have enabled doctors to share information with others regarding any challenges that they are facing in the field of medicine.            

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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