Health Care Management: Peace Haven – Nursing Homes Example

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'Health Care Management: Peace Haven' is a marvelous example of a paper on nursing homes.   Peace Haven is a large rehabilitation center that provides short term care rehabilitation services on an inpatient and outpatient basis. As the manager, I feel there is a need to propose that the center needs to introduce another basis of a treatment to our patients. This will be the introduction of long term care services to the Peace Haven rehabilitation center. This is after me as the manager saw that some of our patients need long periods of treatment to fully recover.

Moreover, some patients take a little time to recover then due to the little time taken they quickly relapse after we have released them on a clean bill basis (Buchbinder & Shanks, 2012). Therefore, long term care services will greatly uphold our services and ensure that we heal people completely not producing half-healed patients (Buchbinder & Shanks, 2012). However, this expansion will mean that a lot of adjustments have to be undertaken by the institution. For example, in order to have long time care for patients, we need to hire more employees since the number and working hours of the employees will have shifted on the higher.

Therefore, interviews must be set in place, conducted and suitable candidates be employed. On the other hand, after this huge employment placement, the employees must ensure hard work and longer working periods to ensure that we get good ratings to enhance more patients. This will mean that their salaries will also be reasonable as the institution will have more patients. Although it is a good idea to do the expansion, the new employees need to be thoroughly trained (Hill & Jones, 2012).

This is because even though the employees would have qualified from their various institutions work at a rehabilitation center needs experience. Therefore, we need first learners too in order to catch up with the work here as the new employees will be training while working. With this in mind, the center also needs to upgrade its facilities and the institution itself to accommodate the new development. More ward rooms will be needed since long term care patients are inpatients. In regards to this hiring and training, we need a particular set of people not only with good certificates but also with certain qualities.

These qualities include people who are patient, loving, outgoing, good listeners, soft-spoken, humble, trustworthy and kind (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, 2003). The applicants who possess these abilities will now complement them with their certificates. These qualities cannot be known on the first day of the interview but will be known after close observation by the management and supervisor after being employed.

This means that after employment, the new employees will be under probation for up to one year as we believe that is the kind of time that it takes a ‘ un-supervised’ individual to show their real character. As such, anybody found to go against these qualities at any time in the center will be liable to a sack (Hill & Jones, 2012). In conclusion, to our short term care patients more so the outpatient's ones, great care will still be taken with them and shall not be neglected and emphasis placed on long term inpatient patients (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.

(2003). we at Peace Haven rehabilitation center are equal workers and our patients are also equal and shall be treated as such.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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