Code of Ethics: Ethics in Health Organisations – Medical Ethics Example

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"Code of Ethics: Ethics in Health Organisations" is a good example of a paper on medical ethics. Organizations have various guidelines in the form of rules and regulations, goals or ethical standards that they should meet in order to give them a direction in their provision of services. Every day people follow a code of ethics which helps them decide on family, life and career matters. This code will only harm oneself if not followed unlike in the medical code of ethics which carries more weight. The medical codes of ethics deal with people’ s lives and a mistake could lead to a loss of life.

Mayo clinic has goals to give them direction and a code of ethics values. There is also the relationship between the organization’ s culture and ethical decision making. There is also the debate if it is important that the organization’ s ethical values support our ethical values and its social responsibility to the community(Ghosh, 2010. Pp 13). Health organizations have various goals to help them achieve their mission to patients. The first goal is ensuring that they are helpful with awareness by providing high quality and culturally appropriate care in an environment that is welcoming to patients.

The organizations also ensure that it is welcoming to all including patients and employees. It ensures a conducive work environment where they encourage the participation of diverse employees at all levels of the organization.   Another goal is ensuring a balance of opportunities. They balance opportunities by increasing the proportion of faculty, minority students, women, staff and administrators where they are underrepresented within an organization. There is also the goal of pursuing health equity among patients.

The clinic identifies and eradicates health disparities that patients have.   It aims at becoming a national leader in the promotion and science of health equity. There is also the goal of developing talent among individuals set by the organization.   They recruit and then mentor individuals in their clinic. This is normally done for there to be an increase in the proportion of the minorities in senior leadership positions and of women(Thomas, 2011. pp. 15). The goals of health organizations are tied to its medical ethical principles in various ways.

The goal of patient priority and satisfaction is tied to the clinic’ s ethical principles. This is seen through the clinic’ s dealings with patients who have special cases, especially those that other professionals believe they cannot be helped. The physician-patient relationship has always been an important aspect of achieving the clinic’ s ultimate goal among families and patients. The clinic realized that the physician-patient relationship and communication are factors that contribute to its mission of patient satisfaction and priority(McGeehan, 2010. Pp. 21). A Code of ethics in an organization is a system that applies judgment and value to the practice of medicine.

Medical ethics includes its practical application in the work on its history, sociology, theology, and philosophy and also its clinical settings. The medical ethics play a major role in ensuring that the patients’ lives are protected and are the first priority when being treated. The ethical code of not harming patients, including mental harm is proven by the desire of health organizations to help people who feel that they have nowhere else to go. The corporate ethical values have constantly helped organizations to be a high standard clinic with many branches and with the achievement of quality services to patients(Ghosh, 2010.pp 21).


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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