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'What Makes a Top 100 Hospital? '  is a great example of a paper on the health system.   For a hospital to manage to be among the 100 top hospitals, there are key factors that are considered. According to Truven health analytics, winners of the top best hospital award do not apply, and they do not pay to get the honor. The techniques used to rank the hospitals include measures such as operational efficiency, organizational performance, financial stability, and patient care. Hospitals can be compared to similar facility grounds in terms of teaching status and size.

It is clear that the top best hospitals are more profitable, efficient and provide better patient services than others. These hospitals have clinical strategies that help them balance finances with adequate patient care. The top 100 hospitals manage to minimize their expenses while recruiting or hiring very qualified staff (Thomson, 2012). It is evident that the 100 top hospitals tend to have higher staff levels, as well as lower death rates. There is a relationship between the two phenomena. Houston Methodist Hospital in Texas is ranked 11 nationally in adult specialists.

It had high scores in patient safety and demonstrating a commitment to reducing medical mistakes and accidents (The Leapfrog Group, 2011). It is an 839-bed general medical and a teaching hospital as well. The hospital has surgical facilities with 35,542 admissions according to the most current results reported. By 2012, the hospital had performed 18588 annual outpatient and 15,661 annual inpatient surgeries (Thomson, 2012). The emergency room of the hospital had 5525 patients. The recognition hospital is due to its performance in adult specialties. For example cancer, diabetes and endocrinology, cardiology and heart surgery, gynecology, nephrology, geriatrics, ear nose and throat among others (William & Torrens, 2008). The hospital has a relative balance between nurses and patients in the hospital.

High qualified nurses certified for high nursing standards by the “ American Nursing Credentialing Centre” recognize the hospital. The hospital is barely famous for its technological services such as transplant services and image-guided radiation therapy but also for its ability to provide advanced trauma care. It also offers intensive patient services such as programs for cardiac rehabilitation (Thomson, 2012). The mission of Methodist Hospital is to offer cost-effectively and high-quality health care that offers the best values to the people they serve, in a spiritual and caring environment, and also to provide internationally recognized and valued teaching and research. The vision of the institutions is to be a trusted source and provider of integrated quality and adequate healthcare services in North Texas.

The core values of the organization reflect its commitment to Christianity concepts of life and learning. The core values include; innovation that entails creativity and commitment to quality services, hospitality, servant-hearted, and enthusiasm which means the celebration of an individual or team accomplishment, skillful and noble which is unwavering integrity and honesty (Thomson, 2012). The success of this hospital is a result of its mission, vision core values, as well as adequate facilities including the highly qualified staff and technological services.

The members of the institution strive to achieve their mission and vision, and that could be the result of adequate performance. According to the mission, the organization aims at saving a life through compassionate and quality health care. Therefore, this has led to a lot of commitment and technology advancement with the aim of achieving the set mission (CMS, 2012)). The commitment towards reducing accidents and medical mistakes is another catalyst that has led to the success of this hospital.

In terms of patient safety, the staff can avoid or prevent eight types of medical and accident errors (CMS, 2012)). Some of the errors which the hospital has managed to avoid include; wrong drug, wrong dose and dangerous combinations which leads to severe reactions, too many blood transfusion which increases the chances of infection, too much oxygen for premature babies which can cause blindness, health center related infections, and central lines infections (William & Torrens, 2008).

Chances of death caused by such mistakes have been effectively minimized across the years. The higher staffing levels, as well as the availability of highly trained professionals, are another critical factor in the top ranking of the Methodist hospital. The hospital has an excellent balance between patients and nurses ensuring that there is maximum attention to the patients and that there is efficient patient care within the hospital.

The ability of the hospital to manage finances while still providing quality services has enabled it to provide cost-effective patient care (Thomson, 2012). The major values of the Institute as well have contributed much to the growth and development of this hospital. For example, the core value of enthusiasm which calls for a celebration of individual and team achievement enhances teamwork and motivation among staff members leading to better performance. The six basic core values of excellence in Saint Leo University are; a community which means oneness with the environment and the inhabitants in it, respect for one another despite their age or gender, personal development which refers to both physical and spiritual growth, responsible stewardship which entails being responsible to God and others, excellence which is working towards achieving the best and integrity which means being honest in words and deeds. The Methodist Hospital in Texas demonstrates the Saint Leo University’ s core values in that it works towards excellence.

According to the vision of the hospital, its primary goal is to be the trusted contributor to excellent health care services in North Texas.

This a clear evidence of working towards excellence that is one of the core values at Saint Leo University. The core value of excellence is also indicated by the hospital’ s commitment to preventing accidental and medical errors. The hospital has also demonstrated the core value of the community as shown by the member's ability to celebrate individual and team achievements through the provision of rehabilitation programs. The hospital demonstrates the core value of Integrity by the result of better performance that shows honesty is expressed in all activities carried out in the hospital.

The organization demonstrates the importance of respect in that it has a strategy towards a patient’ s safety. The strategy shows that there is total respect for the patients despite their critical conditions. More so, the value of responsible stewardship is demonstrated by the hospital’ s ability to provide quality health services in a Christian based environment. Lastly, self-development is evidenced by the hospital’ s ability to hire much-qualified staff. The ratio of patients to nurses is balanced. The ratio that the nurses are not overworked thus they have an opportunity for both physical and spiritual growth. In conclusion, for any hospital to fall in the top 100 hospital list, it has to produce a quality performance.

This can only be achieved through the following; advancement in technology, hiring qualified personnel, working towards the accomplishment of the mission and the vision of the hospital, availability of adequate and efficient facilities as well as managing the available finances.


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