The Role of Social Justice and Health Equity Play in the Public Health Nursing – Health System Example

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"The Role of Social Justice and Health Equity Play in the Public Health Nursing" is a great example of a paper on the health system. Social justice is defined as the fair and just distribution of economic resources and equal social and political opportunities to everyone. On the other hand, health equity is said to be equal and fair remedial privileges extended to everyone regardless of their distinction socially, demographically, economically, geographically, or any other stratification form. As their definitions depict, social justice and health equity contribute a great deal to the community and public health nursing.

The terms justice evidently bounds the two definitions and equal opportunities to every member of the community; hence, everyone is entitled to equal public health nursing privileges. Health equity and social justice eliminate the chances of discrimination with regards to poverty, race, level of education, ethnicity, and more forms of stratification. Health is a fundamental human right. Hence, health equity promotes individuals' well-being within the community and enables them to carry on with their individual life plans and in harmony. With social justice and health equity, every community member will be exposed to a high-quality health service, which will also contribute to their general well-being.

Social justice paves the way for health equity to be upheld.   Explain what the purpose of a logic model is when associated with the creation of a community-based health program. Logic models are increasingly and widely used in community-based health programs to evaluate the program's efforts and make explicit theories behind the program's planning and implementation. Logic models also support the systematic approach of designing new interventions and are mostly presented as sequenced diagrams or charts.

Logic models demonstrate problems amongst factors like the statement of the problem, their mitigating factors, and the available resources to address the problem. Evaluators have emphasized that logical models are the foundation for understanding the linkages among program activities, goals, and the respective outcomes. Discuss the process implemented to perform a community assessment and the steps involved in completing a community assessment. There are different approaches to conducting community assessments. However, the following is the implemented process for conducting a community assessment. Firstly, plan for a community assessment by identifying and assembling a team, defining the team strategy, developing questions to be used in the assessment, and determining data collection methods.

Secondly, after creating a plan, one should conduct a community assessment. Thirdly, the data acquired should be reviewed and rated. The fourth step is recording the data using appropriate techniques, totaled, and summarized it accordingly. Lastly, developing an action plan based on the assessment is the final step that entails identifying community needs and assets and developing strategies for improving the current state. The step-by-step process may also incorporate engaging community partners and members since they are well familiarized with the community.

Also, setting goals and measuring health progress is crucial in ensuring community assessment success.     How a health assessment conducted by a community health nurse affects changes in the health of the community Basically, health assessment refers to the evaluation of health status by performing a physical examination. A health assessment conducted by a community health nurse is an essential performance because it helps the health practitioners design the best approaches to various health issues in the community.

It also gives comprehensive information about the communities' health status, needs, and burning issues. This enables the community health nurses to familiarize themselves with the issues at hand, therefore improving the quality of their services. As the community health nurses perform their assessment, they promote easy access to their community members' services. The assessment also makes it possible for health nurses to work on the unmet needs of the community. Therefore, it is ultimately crucial for the community health nurses to regularly conduct health assessments on the community in favor of improving the general public's health status.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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