Obama Health Care Bill – Health System Example

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"Obama's Health Care Bill"  is an engrossing example of a paper on the health system. Obama's health care bill comes as one of the most discussed and debated bills in a long time. The bill is a wide-scale program that initially faced stiff resistance from Congress and then the later on difficulties with regard to its uniform implementation. The overall bill has been divided into two categories where first phase enrollment was undertaken prior to 2013 and now the second enrollment phase is due shortly which will have its own conditions and parameters fulfillment factors. Fee for service medical is the hallmark of this bill which is aimed at creating uniformity in terms of the health care facilities to the American citizens.

With over eight million people already enrolled and much more waiting in queues, the burden would fall upon the administration with regard to providing the services and enrolling a maximum reasonable number of customers in this particular scheme. The taxpayers’ share of the entire budget needs to be preserved and it needs steps that will ensure a smooth transfer of these resources.

The subsidized health care schemes must be protected from overlap in data records and the enrollment restriction to the taxpayer's group only. The federal website which has been formally launched for the purpose of providing the members and the common citizens with the solutions and directions saw slowing down and this was marked as the potential failure (KALNINA, 2014). The challenges faced include updating and maintaining the original and the new coming members and ensuring that the previous ones get relatively flexible terms based on the initial set of instructions set forth.

Update in the subsidiary is another area that has held the attention of the customers with regard to the second phase enrollment. Updating the tax returns with reference to the new enrollments in 2014 and those that were previously enrolled include the considerations that are needed to be taken into account for the purpose of resolving the obstacles faced in the smooth implementation of the health care bill. A possible solution and recommendation devised against enrolling a maximum number of citizens in the health care scheme have been done so in the form of penalty payment which will allow for smooth enrollment. The criticism has come in the form of a subjected possible increase in the number of wages of the people since that has not been seen evidently, there is little chance of making fair rulings with regard to the final increases. In order to come strong, the Obama administration needs to take into account the difficulties incurred in the first phase of the overall project.

ensuring smooth handling, further ensuring that the website remains active on the prime day of activities, all these amounts for the recommendations and suggestions which President Barrack Obama needs to take into account.

Finally approving all the actions and the bill in totality from the Congress is another solution and obstacle at the same time that must be resolved in a timely manner, also the possible enrollment of additional 7.3 million customers is another challenge yet to be resolved. (HABERKORN, 2014).


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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