Mission Statement: St. Johns Hospital – Health System Example

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'Mission Statement: St. Johns Hospital' is a perfect example of a paper on the health system.   A mission statement is an assertion about the purpose of the organization in question. It is a brief yet detailed statement indicating the reason for the existence of the organization. It acts as a guide to the visitors and people interested in the organization about what the company does to the people it is concerned about such as its stakeholders (Falsey, 2010). The mission statement of St. Johns Hospital is provision of the best physical, psychological and spiritual care to its patients bearing in mind their suffering and hopes to lead better lives.

This is made possible by the team of dedicated staff members whose quality work, education and experience in different duties, as well as dedication to the patients, enable personal and professional growth of the hospital. The social responsibility of the hospital is towards the community, its education, and prevention from diseases. All these cements the work and dedication of St. Johns Hospital. A good mission statement such as the one for this organization mentions briefly all its stakeholders and what it does for them.

It, for example, mentions the patients and their roles to the patients who are also its customers as its number one priority and reason for existence is to them. Next, it mentions its employees and what its role and priority is towards them. The employees are very important to the hospital as they are the reason the patients come to the hospital in the first place. They need to mention their dedication to their everyday roles be they medical staff or subordinate staff. Lastly, the mission mentions the community at large.

Other than the patients, the hospital supports the larger community, especially in preventive medicine and care. Their protection means less curative work for the hospital and more prevention and health education which is in the vision statement. Vision While a mission statement defines what the organization does at the moment, a vision statement defines the short and long term goals of an organization. It talks about what the future of the organization will look like if it is achieved. It mentions the goals and aspirations of the organization (Schulz and Johnson, 2003).

Our vision statement is our organization’ s inspiration and provides the zest to work even harder in order to fulfill these goals and objectives.   The vision statement of St. Johns Hospital is “ Strives to provide excellent health care through a culture of honesty, integrity and hard work. ” This vision statement provides an element of inspiration which is enough motivation for the employees and management of the hospital to aim to fulfill it. The patients attending the hospital will be guaranteed of excellent medical care from honest and hardworking employees. The most amazing thing about our vision statement is that it is short and to the point hence easily understood by our patients, staff and the other stakeholders in general.

With a vision statement that is easily understood, it means that it will be faster and equally easy for it to be achieved and within the time frame set even if it not mentioned. The motivation is from the fact that their efforts are included, mentioned and appreciated and they are trusted enough to be able to fulfill the vision statement. Values Every organization has what it holds dear and believes in and these beliefs act to shape its performances, work ethics and eventually contribute largely to its overall productivity.

These beliefs and things that the organization holds dear are what are referred to as value statements. Other than showing the employees and employers of the organization way to go in terms of providing directives, value statements are also a way for the customers and patients to identify what the priorities of the organization are and help them identify better with them (Alkhafaji, 2001). This hospital has several values as its priorities are also many.

However, all these values are somehow related to the patients directly or indirectly and are also in accordance with the mission and vision of the hospital. These values are integrity, compassion, teamwork, diversity, quality, and passion. Integrity enables the attainment of honesty and trust in the patients as well as adherence to the code of ethics. Compassion entails providing the patients as well as their families with empathy and sensitivity necessary.

Teamwork ensures that the employees work together to save lives and offer their collective skills and collaboration where necessary in the hospital towards patient care. Diversity entails the different races, social class, gender and ages of patients who come to seek medical care in the hospital and all who should be offered the same quality assistance. Quality involves carrying out our work the best way we can and portraying our expertise and experience in the health care workers. Lastly is passion. Passion shows our motivation and commitment to perform our best in each field one is trained and qualified in. Strategic positioning Strategic positioning refers to the ability of the hospital to have a plan to be a sustainable organization and secure its potion in the future.

The hospital has a strategic plan in place with various issues such as financial analysis, accountability and lastly security. The security entails the job security of the physicians and the rest of the medical staff as well. With the shortage of nurses, for example, the hospital aims to retain its nurses through having a strategic plan involving their benefits, contractual agreements and compensation (Swayne, Duncan and Ginter, 2012). Accountability is towards the medical boards and health care governing boards that review the positioning of the hospital in relation to the set health care standards.

This is in terms of medical personnel per the number of patients, financial ability and sustenance, cleanliness standards, medical health records storage, and security among others. The major plan and sustainability measure that will strategically position this hospital and which is set to make it apart from the rest of the hospitals is its financial analysis and plan.

The hospital is a high-quality health care facility with several numbers of consultants in particular health cases such as cancer treatment. This, therefore, means that the finances paid by the patients are high but worth the hustle of seeking many unproductive treatment plans in other hospitals. The finances are cushioning the hospital and ensuring it will be sustainable.    


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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