Medicaid in Virginia – Health System Example

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"Medicaid in Virginia" is a worthy example of a paper on the health system. The federal government and states in America run a program called “ Medicaid” . This program is aimed at providing low-earning and poor people medical facilities. The targeted people have no insurance programs or insufficient insurance. Respective states have their own Medicaid offices and different laws that rule out the people who qualify for the program and who do not. Women who are earning insufficiently, children, and the elderly are groups that qualify for the benefits given by Medicaid. The people who meet the requirements are required to meet specific requirements.

This program came into being in 1995. The federal government is responsible for transferring funds to the states (Rusell, 2008). MEDICAID EXPANSION IN VIRGINIA Medicaid expansion is an issue which the U. S Supreme Court upheld and provided the states with options to expand or not expand. The expansion was funded by the federal government. The issues in Virginia’ s Medicaid expansion arose when the state’ s government rejected the expansion. Virginia is one of 24 states that has refused to accept the Medicaid expansion.

That meant they refused to accept federal money that would pay for health care coverage for Americans who make too much to qualify for current Medicaid benefits. Medicaid expansion in the state of Virginia is highly favorable because it has various benefits. If the government of the state would agree to the coverage as many as 430000 Virginians could gain the perks provided by Medicaid. Virginia’ s Medicaid method possesses more tough eligibility limits, better expense containment as well as decrease services as compared to other states. Accordingly, straightforward expansion in the recent Medicaid method without having additional state mobility would possibly not have the best outcomes.

However, a new way forward in Medicaid that comports with Virginia’ s standard monetary conservatism and is ecological can be quite significantly worthwhile considering. This type of policy for Medicaid would demand much wider state mobility allowing Virginia to (i) change as well as improve the current Medicaid method (ii) style an improvement offer that covers population connected with low-income older people (iii) use the wellness development as well as economic benefits. IMPACT ON THE AFFECTED Conditioning the existing Medicaid program and also possibly increasing insurance coverage for a predicted 400,000 low-income elderly possesses far-reaching consequences that head out over financial phrases.

The medical features of protected insurance coverage can be actual at the same time. Even so, develop these monetary features about the environmentally friendly method to Medicaid change and also potential insurance coverage expansion may verify useful to insurance plan creators along with other curious parties (Medicaid Expansion Economic Impact, n.d. ) IMPACT ON HOSPITALS AND NURSES The impacts of Medicaid on hospitals and nurses are the following.

People with Medicaid have access to prescription drugs, hospital-based care, and home nursing care. Medicaid gives individuals. Medicaid could also provide primary care, outpatient services, and hospital-based psychiatric care. Medicaid also provides the lowest access to outpatient mental health care, specialty care, and dental care for children (Review of the Impact of Medicaid Rates on Access to Health Care in Virginia, 2014).


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