Implications to the Advanced Practitioner Nurse – Health System Example

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"Implications to the Advanced Practitioner Nurse" is a perfect example of a paper on the health system. An increase in healthcare is one of the major issues, which has been highlighted and described in the report published by Health Grades, Inc (2013). According to the report findings, it was found that healthcare spending in the global domain has increased substantially in this present day context as compared to the previous years. The report also highlighted the fact that not only the healthcare spending has been increased, the utilization of varied quality as well as effective healthcare services were also enlarged significantly in this contemporary healthcare settings.

It will be vital to mention that increase in healthcare spending can be mainly witnessed by wider augmentation in direct healthcare costs that depend on negotiation persisting between healthcare providers and receivers (Health Grades, Inc, 2013). From a theoretical perspective, the report of Health Grades, Inc (2013) described direct hospital or healthcare costs to be expenses that have relevance with quality of care being delivered to the patients during their respective stay in different hospitals. It is obvious that the increase in healthcare spending may result in restricting the patients to avail better as well as quality treatment, making them face threats or vulnerabilities of engaging in any life-threatening disease.

From the perspective of different hospitals, the increase in healthcare spending would prove to be beneficial for them in terms of increasing profitability. The report published by Health Grades, Inc (2013) identified the increased level of mortality rates and greater length of stay amid the prime ones to raise the issue of healthcare spending. Apart from the above-discussed issue, the report of Health Grades, Inc (2013) also identified another problem of unequal performance of hospitals, which has the potentiality to affect the overall healthcare performance at large.

It can be apparently observed in a similar concern that the hospitals often do not perform in an equitable way due to reasons of inability to utilize the available resources effectively and shortage in possessing requisite infrastructure as per the desired levels (Health Grades, Inc, 2013).   Implications to the Advanced Practitioner Nurse   It has been ascertained that the above-identified issues in the report published by Health Grades, Inc (2013) possess certain implications for Advanced Practitioner Nurse (APN).

This can be justified with reference to the fact that the implications of increasing the level of healthcare or hospital spending could be measured in various ways. These ways entail developing overall healthcare outcomes in the form of improving direct individual care, prescribing appropriate medications or drugs to the patients, assessing the diagnosis procedure on a regular basis, and incorporating effective technological advancements in the operational procedure (O’ Grady, 2004). Similar to this particular issue, the problem concerning the unequal performance of the hospitals also possess certain implications for the APN.

This could be measured in the form of necessitating the development in existing infrastructure possessed by distinct healthcare units such as the hospitals and taking effective decisions about balancing the needs or choices of the patients with that of offering quality healthcare to them. Apart from these, the other implication to APN could be ascertained as constantly monitoring the entire performance of such units in the worldwide healthcare domain (ACP, 2009).


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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