How Syria's Shattered Health Care System Affects Civilians – Health System Example

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"How Syria's Shattered Health Care System Affects Civilians" is a great example of a paper on the health system. Syria Arab republic was one of the few countries of the world that enjoyed the first growing health system prior to the war that has left great devastation among its population.   In the past three decades, Syria recorded a great improvement in its health indicators with life expectancy at birth rising from 56 years mark in the 1970s to about 73.1 in 2009. Similarly, the infant mortality rate dropped within the same period from 132 in every 1000 to 17.9( global research, 2010).   During this period, the country realized increased access to health services by both the urban and rural populations.

However, the recent protracted socioeconomic and political crisis has caused a severe deterioration of peoples living conditions and also eroded the existing health system. Syria is experiencing a protracted political and socio-economic crisis that resulted in a severe deterioration of living conditions which has also significantly eroded the health system. Today, more than 25000 Syrians have died with many more wounded, among them children and women; health officers have been killed while attending to the wounded.

The current war is also responsible for the destruction of the many vital infrastructures, a factor that has denied the surviving population proper shelter and energy sources.     Water and sanitation services are in their worst state; people are experiencing food insecurity and live in overcrowded areas. With all these happenings, access to healthcare services remains limited, hampered by security concerns. The war has caused an upsurge in refugees who desperately need health services in their overcrowded camps.   According to UNHCR, there were over 192,825 refugees by September 2012, a number that is expected to have risen by now (The Boston Globe, 2014).

  Additionally, it is estimated that more than 2.3 million people are displaced internally and the number is rising with each new day. Certainly, these conditions are straining the already overstretched health resources.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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