Healthy People 2020 – Health System Example

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'Healthy People 2020' is a great example of a paper on the health system.   Public Health describes all structured measures to keep people away from diseases, endorse health and thus increase the age rate of a population. It focuses on people’ s health and is concerned to make people prevented diseases. It aims for the health concerns of the entire population, not only individuals patients. Therefore one can say that public health is concerned with the whole system. Health Promotion: The development of healthy policies is considered to be the most important means of health promotion.

These policies address the nuts and bolts or fundamentals of health, for example, food, security, income, housing, and quality of working conditions. Modern research has introduced the word ‘ Health in all Policies’ to pass on to the events to incorporate health into all public strategies. Similarities between Public Health and Health Promotions: The similarity between Public Health and Health Promotion is that they both are concerned with the health of people of the whole population. Professionals of both Public Health and Health promotions monitor and diagnose the health concerns of the entire society and prop up healthy practices and behaviors to make sure that the population stays healthy. Differences between Public Health and Health Promotion: Public Health is concerned about improving the health of the people of a community while health promotion talks about enabling or facilitating people to learn about how they can control their health and make their lives healthy.

Health promotion as indicated by its name, works on creating awareness about health, while public health itself works on preventing people from diseases by adopting that certain policy. Healthy People 2020: Healthy People 2020 is a world-wide health promotion program to create awareness about human health among people.

This program was launched by the ‘ United States Department of Human Health’ s and Services’ in 1979. Based on scientific knowledge and through the board of consultation process, Healthy People 2010 was developed and modified into 2020. Objectives of Healthy People 2020: Healthy People 2020 is an American National program that focuses on improving the health of citizens of America. Support alliance across divisions and sectors. To guide people toward making the right decisions about their health. Monitoring the activities being done to prevent diseases. Current Legislation on Health Care: In November 2009, a bill was passed by the constituent assembly of the United States of America about Health, by the name of the ‘ Affordable Health Care for America Act’ .

This clause was added to the constitution to make health easy and affordable for everyone in the United States. This bill brought into by Obama’ s Legislation and therefore it influenced the establishment of this legislation. Health Care program in the US: Health care in the United States  is offered by many different institutes. Health care  facilities are mainly possessed and functioned by  private sector  businesses.

58% of US community hospitals are  non-profit, 21% are government-owned, and 21% are for-profit. (Elisabeth, 2013)


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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