Health Care Interview about Dementia – Health System Example

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"Health Care Interview about Dementia" is a wonderful example of a paper on the health system. The research paper contains appropriate and clear information together with the assumption of health care interview with one of the employees of The Hampton at Pearland. This facility deals with people who live with Alzheimer’ s and Dementia syndromes. Paper consists of the introduction, main body, and conclusion. The introductory paragraph represents the brief background overview of Alzheimer’ s and Dementia diseases and involves us to the topic of the paper. The main body includes two sections; they are Identification of Proposed Interviewee and Identification of Organization, Facility, Department.

Each section provides reliable and accurate information that is taken from the interview with one of the care associates of this organization. This part comprises the data about peculiarities of giving service together with the description of the department. The Resident’ s life and employee responsibilities are also comprehended in the paper. The conclusion provides a clear assumption of made work and closing arguments on the topic. The method used is a particularized examination of the literature and successful conduction of the interview together with the critical summarizing and personal inferences on the topic. Keywords: Alzheimer’ s and Dementia, assistance, residents. Health Care Interview Preparation Some people in society remained to be special or better to say they need particular attention and attitude from others.

Their subsistence is considered to be rather different from ordinary men and women. People that are meant are the ones with Alzheimer’ s and Dementia syndromes. It is evident that such diseases are characterized by memory lapses and behavior changes (Moore, 2010). Deterioration in brain functioning is considered to be a principal basis of such maladies (Moore, 2010).

We may argue that such people with Alzheimer’ s and Dementia diagnosis need appropriate assistance in daily activities and social interaction. To such extend many health care institutions provide a professional service for those who are in need. Brookdale Place Pearland, formerly known as The Hampton at Pearland is out targeted organization. The peculiarities of their work together with the formal features of its facility are interesting for us. The way people work there and the services that are offered for the patients are under consideration.

In a word the detailed description of Brookdale Place Pearland is the basic question. Identification of Proposed Interviewee  The interview has taken in one of the advanced care associates that deals directly with the residents of the Brookdale Place Pearland. This person remains to be an experienced and professional in the sphere that is occupied. Moreover, the information that is given by the care associate is reliable and clear. The principles of their work, peculiarities of their department, and other interesting information are appropriately represented during the interview. What should be added is that this person has a special education connected with medicine and is trained in administering medications.

Bachelor’ s degree in nursing in the Philippines and accurate medical courses allow care associates to keep up and prescribe treatment to the patients. What is more, that person examines different kinds of behavioral changes in the resident’ s health. Identification of Organization, Facility, Department This facility is located in Pearland, Taxes, and is aimed to help people with Alzheimer’ s and Dementia diagnosis in their everyday communication and usual needs (Brookdale, 2014).

Employees of Brookdale Place Pearland assist diseased people with different kinds of accommodations, such as bathing, dressing, administrating inappropriate medication, and others. It is important to investigate that employees here are responsible to keep a conversation with the patient and give him/her moral support. Brookdale Place Pearland is a professional facility that provides different kinds of services to patients depending on their needs. This organization offers independent living, assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing, therapy, hospice, home health, life care, and continuing care retirement communities (Brookdale, 2014). Their clients are basically senior people with Alzheimer’ s and Dementia diagnosis. It is interesting to mention that Brookdale Place Pearland has special environmental surrounding that helps residents with their daily routine and usual activities (Brookdale, 2014).

This facility includes special flooring that assists residents in an appropriate movement. In addition, wall colors together with the general design of the living spaces are accurately organized to provide supporting surroundings for people with cognitive changes. Residents usually feel comfort and care while residing Brookdale Place Pearland. Moreover, this facility permits to involve residents in save affairs that provide purposeful and meaningful successful moments in ordinary life.

People there may do gardening, kitchen work, and other life skills if they have such desire (Brookdale, 2014). All needed conditions for such deeds are presupposed by the organization. Such practice has a positive impact on residents as they acquire a feeling of coziness and welfare in such an environment. Such an approach is named the Clare Bridge program and created to assure the feelings of belongingness and self-preservation in clients. The concept has been created 25 years ago and still successfully and widely used by different health care organizations, including Brookdale Place Pearland (Brookdale, 2014). It is obvious that each resident of this facility has its own respective file that comprises his/her personal information and includes medication administration records (Brookdale, 2014).

A care associate is a person that is responsible for maintaining and organizing these records. Taking into consideration the client’ s right to privacy and his/her confidentiality is also an obligatory duty of care associate. A person who has intentions to be a care assistant does not need special medical education. To know about basic life support and acquire formal education is enough for this position.

Brookdale Place Pearland provides a special training course for that occupation. As for the care associate, this position needs special medical education as such people keep up the medication of patients. The employee shares with us that the most important feature in their work is compassion. People with cognitive changes do not always represent adequate behavior. That is why it is highly important to understand them and interact with them from a positive perspective. Care associates usually interact with clients on the level of friendly conversation. Conclusion Brookdale Place Pearland with its employees and attitude to work remains to be one of the leading providers in Alzheimer’ s care in the United States.

They provide professional and appropriate care to people with Alzheimer’ s and Dementia syndromes. Brookdale command offers assistance in daily activities and suggests a living place for the patients. Moreover, relevant medication together with confidentiality is assured by the facility. In addition, residents of Brookdale Place Pearland are surrounded by a natural environment for creating a feeling of coziness and investigating pleasant memorable moments in the lives of these people.   All in all, this organization gives qualitative and occupational services in the sphere of health care.

This command remains to be highly professional people and the ones who like the affair they deal with.


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