Health Care and Management – Health System Example

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"Health Care and Management" is a great example of a paper on the health system. I was given the opportunity to pursue an internship program with the Chinatown Public Health Clinic located in San Francisco. My tasks and responsibilities included assisting in the projects with UCLA and UC Davis; as well as in helping in conducting the CPR and First Aid class. Since I have gained proficiency in English, as a Second Language; and I have excellent proficiency in Chinese, as my native language, I was able to assist in providing bilingual service to clients requiring translations from English to Chinese or vice versa.

The lessons taken from course modules were deemed instrumental in providing the theoretical frameworks for the needed applications during the internship.                       I have pursued three relevant courses: HSC 3400: Community Health where health issues facing local communities and contemporary societies were presented; HSC 3350 which explicitly delved on current federal and state health legislation, regulations, and standards, and their effect on professional practice; as well as the HSC 4600 on Health Systems Management. Taking these courses enabled gaining the proper concepts and theories on relevant health issues and concerns that affect diverse clientele today.

Likewise, one regards the concepts taken in HSC 3350 as crucial in gaining more in-depth knowledge on policies, rules, regulations, and legislation that govern health organizations and health care practitioners. As a result of pursuing these courses, I have been accorded with the chance to develop skills in enhancing the quality in the delivery of health care through being more cognizant and aware of diverse health dilemmas facing local community members. Likewise, the courses also accorded the improvement of analytical skills and problem-solving skills, especially pertaining to situations and cases which revolve around community health; adherence to regulations; as well as leadership and management concerns. In retrospect, I strongly believe that all these courses contain crucial information relative to the defined contents.

However, as in any endeavor, I also contend that there are areas that could still be developed in terms of linking these concepts to real-world applications. For example, under HSC 4600 on Health Systems Management, which is considered one of the most relevant courses that would develop leadership and management skills, I assert that an additional approach using actual case settings or real-life health dilemmas could be used to link theoretical frameworks with actual practice.

Likewise, in terms of instructional approach for teaching HSC 3350, using a straightforward and traditional lecture and discussion approach could be augmented with innovative instructional style through the use of technological applications and searching updated legislative regulations that apparently became controversial in contemporary health. All of these would assist in honing advanced skills in discerning relevant issues and concerns on health care and management.

Likewise, the ability to stir interests in these subjects requires the design of motivational instructional approaches that would link theories to practical applications. The internship program is actually deemed an effective learning medium that provided the opportunity to harness my skills in addressing the needs of various clients in terms of the delivery of expected high quality and safety in health care.  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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