Healing Hospital: A Daring Paradigm – Health System Example

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"Healing Hospital: A Daring Paradigm" is a great example of a paper on care. A healing hospital is an approach in health care provision which enhances specific features in the hospital that helps to reduce stress hence promoting healing. Apart from the normal nursing care, it further involves the environment of the hospital, the architecture, the geography, and the technological enhancement in the hospital. Though healing does not necessarily mean curing, this healing environment helps to create a serene environment that assists the patient to have a positive mental and spiritual perception hence facilitating quick recovery (Chapman, 2003).

A good healing environment has also been shown to increase staff morale and efficiency because of their change of attitude towards the patient. Therefore, the healing hospital plays a big role in patient recovery and relaxation because it creates peace of mind due to its spiritual nature. Components of a healing hospital For a healing hospital to function properly and serve its purpose to the community it must incorporate certain features. These features would help to distinguish them from the normal hospitals found in the society.

The healing hospitals should comprise the following features: - A healing environment Stress is one of the leading causes of death for patients suffering from terminal diseases like cancer or HIV/AIDS. For them to be at peace, the healing hospital should comprise a compassionate, aesthetically, and pleasing environment. This can be done by setting up a nice landscape such as a beautiful garden where these patients can free their minds from thoughts hence be able to live a happy life. Even though their diseases may not be cured; because curing involves eradicating diseases and fixing problems, the patient would however be made whole from a spiritual and mental perspective.

This is because healing would bring satisfaction and happiness to one’ s life hence there would be no worry about the future. Therefore, the beautiful environment created by the healing hospital has a divine influence on patient psychology hence prolonging his/her life (Russell, 1986). Moreover, the healing environment creates a quiet environment for meditation and spiritual growth. According to James 5:13-16 which states “ Is anyone among you in trouble, let them pray; is anyone happy let them sing is anyone among you sick, let them call the elders of the church to pray over them and anoint them with oil in the name of the lord. ” The healing environment therefore encourages prayer for the sick hence making them optimistic. Integration of work, design, and technology Technology has been used in modern society to create efficiency, security, and even privacy for the patients.

The healing hospital should have the best technology available because it makes the healing environment perfect for the patient. From a psychological point of view, the incorporation of technology in the healing hospital tends to assure the patients that the nurses are doing the best they can.

This form of re-assurance creates a positive attitude towards the patient hence facilitating faster recovery. With the integration of work and technology, the patient is left to depend on the works of the Supreme Being. He/ she become spiritual because there is the assurance that human beings have done their best hence God would do his work. In many instances, spiritual thoughts have been able to create an optimistic attitude hence quick recovery of the patients. Love and care Love is a divine feeling between people that plays a big role in the recovery of patients.

According to Erie Chapman, a healthcare industry leader, a loving environment gives the patient a reason to keep fighting the disease. Love and care greatly link with spirituality because of its divine nature. Through love and care, a person’ s mental psychology is challenged to strive and heal up faster. Challenges of creating a healing environment For a healing hospital to be operational, it takes much dedication, passion, and patience from the people starting it.

This is because the activities involved are always tiresome because of the organizational nature, the planning, coordination, and implementation of certain ideas. The following are challenges faced when creating a healing environment: - Lack of funds Lack of funds has greatly affected the creation of a good healing environment. A lot of money is required in the creation of a good landscape design, in the architectural buildings, for the incorporation of proper technology, etc. In addition, the architectures, engineers, and project managers require high payments which may not be available.

The creation of a healing environment would create additional expenses such as the provision of security and also the payment of workers in the hospital. Due to lack of funds, many healing environment projects have stalled or are operating at inefficient levels. This challenge brings about ineffectiveness in these hospitals because the intended purpose would not be satisfied (Sternberg 2010). Lack of trained personnel The healing hospitals face the challenge of getting qualified and well-trained personnel. These personnel may include nurses, psychiatrists, counselors, and physical education experts. The trained personnel help in the service delivery to the patients.

Due to their qualifications, they are able to cater fully to the patients’ hence assisting in quick recovery. However, such qualified and well-trained people are few in society and may demand high wages which may not be available. This forces the healing hospitals to work with less trained professionals who may have poor service delivery to the patients (David 2009). Government regulations The government policies have severely affected the creation of healing hospitals. In some states, the government has set up specific areas of nature conservation.

Since these healing hospitals can only be established in quiet environments that are free from pollution, their establishment is barred because of such policies. Conclusion In conclusion, the healing environment plays a crucial role in the healing of patients. It connects the body, mental and spiritual aspects for the ease of healing of the patients. The healing hospitals comprises of a good healing environment, proper and efficient technology, and love and care towards the patients. Despite the importance of the healing hospitals, its establishment faces various challenges such as lack of funds, lack of qualified personnel, and government policies that restrict their establishment.

Therefore, the stakeholders involved should ensure that proper strategies are put in order for more healing hospitals to be created so that society can benefit as a whole.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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