Departments of the Mount Sinai Hospital – Health System Example

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"Departments of the Mount Sinai Hospital" is an impressive example of a paper on the health system. The Mount Sinai Hospital was founded on January 15, 1852, on a vision of providing free medical services for indigent Jews in New York City. Its vision is to keep on growing and test tradition through our spearheading soul, investigative progressions, groundbreaking authority, and collective way to deal with giving extraordinary patient care in the numerous exceptional groups we serve. At Mount Sinai Hospital facilities are up to the standards. Good drainage systems, clean water all throughout, good ventilation system, and good and secured record-keeping of their patients’ health.                   JCAHO fully accredits Mount Sinai Hospital and also providing teaching facilities in New York City.

Mount Sinai Hospital currently is a licensed bed capacity total to a figure of 1,171 beds. In recent past years, the number of inpatient discharges has increased tremendously to about 58,332 discharges annually. The number of outpatients visits Mount Sinai Hospital is about 644, 527 patients annually. In Mount Sinai Hospital we have qualified practitioners both nurses and physicians, nurses amounting to a total of 2,278 and physicians amounting to 2,510.                In the health management information Department, here is where all information regarding our patients is kept.

The information kept in the hospital's database cannot be retrieved without a patient’ s consent. The HIM department has competent personnel and highly qualified in handling the information. Other departments include the maternity department that operates on a twenty-four-hour basis, a finance department that operates only twelve hours daily but Mount Sinai got electronic pay points that served in twenty fours for convenience purposes.

There is also a surgical department that mostly operates upon appointments. Most of the Mount Sinai hospital departments are unionized in such a way every department has its head of their union.                 Mount Sinai hospital’ s departments have its unique way of doing their duties according to their profession. Each department got its target and working standards, and things are done professionally. Minimum accuracy is mandatory for service delivered to our clients. HIM department is committed and works hand in hand with other departments in information coordination. The HIM department handles all the medication transcription of each department.

The department is well equipped and up to date electronic health record machinery. Mount Kenya hospital adopted a paper medical filling system two years ago. Microfilmed records are done the patient reports in the facilities immediately.                 Mount Sinai Hospital all departments are connected to HIM by a network system that one department coordinates to another through emails and coded language. The hospital has competent IT technicians who are on the ground at all times to makes sure the information flows. An outsourced firm does the quantity and quality checkups to the work that gives out an exemplary report to the management.

Mount Sinai Hospital uses information security software that monitors all the information in and out of the HIM department to make sure the clients’ information is not leaked. Employees and supervisors are evaluated using questionnaires and public performance contracts. The major disciplinary action taken by Mount Sinai employees is being interdicted or given indefinite leaf. Mostly happens when misconduct is observed. Mount Sinai Hospital experience’ s work blogs due to the system upgrade failure.

The HIM department’ s employees are corporative and most welcoming. Mount Sinai Hospital employees in the HIM department serve their clients very fast and diligently.                   My overall perception of the HIM department and other facility is the best in Mount Sinai Hospital. Employees are committed and deliver their best to their clients. Other facilities in Mount Sinai at large are up to date standards.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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