Critique of the Affordable Health Care Act – Health System Example

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"Critique of the Affordable Health Care Act" is an outstanding example of a paper on the health system. The Affordable Health Care Act is timely legislation in the country that seeks to increase health insurance coverage in the country thereby increasing the accessibility of high-quality health care services. Health insurance is an appropriate financial service that enables patients to access high-quality health care irrespective of the cost of such services. African Americans are among the most vulnerable population in the country. The act seeks to increase the number of African Americans accessing high-quality health care services through insurance services.

A section of the population had insurance services prior to the act. The Act seeks to increase the number by making insurance services affordable to the population. Various demographic factors make the population susceptible to various diseases that require effective health care services (Auerbach, Heaton, Brantley & Institute for Civil Justice, 2014). The Act promises to provide the much-desired quality health care by ensuring that the population accesses health insurance coverage. The act targets prevention of diseases and the wellness of individuals.

This gives the citizens increased control of the care they receive. The African American population, for example, has the highest mortality rate in the country. They are susceptible to such non-communicable diseases as cancer, diabetes, and high blood pressure among others. Such diseases require effective management that begins with early detection. Despite such appalling statistics, the likelihood of the population being uninsured is 55%. The Act seeks to reverse the statistics by ensuring that every American access effective health insurance thus increasing the affordability of high-quality healthcare services. In doing this, the Act will revitalize the health care sector with the view to improving the quality of the services that the health facilities offer. The nursing profession is mandated with caring for patients.

The Act will increase the number of patients seeking health care services. Additionally, it seeks to increase the quality of such services. This implies that nurses must improve the quality of their services. Nurses are likely to face myriad challenges arising from the anticipated increase in the number of patients. This will increase pressure on the nurses a feature that will require nurses to acquire appropriate training in order to equip them with modern and technical know-how.

Health facilities will hire more nurses with appropriate training (Blumenthal & Collins, 2014). Additionally, the nurses will require appropriate motivation in order to undertake their tasks. The health care facilities must enhance the coordination between doctors and nurses. This will enhance service delivery thus safeguarding the quality of the services. The section will enhance equitable access to health care services in the country. Firstly, the African American population remained marginalized for a long time a feature that affected the ability of the population to access high-quality health care services.

Secondly, the section includes children, youths, and even adults. By reversing the statistics described above, the Act will enhance access to equitable health care by ensuring that every American including the unemployed African Americans access high-quality health care. The financial impacts of the section are diverse. The government will require more funding in order to increase the capacity of community health centers in the country (Tate, 2013). The act will improve the capacity of the community health centers, thereby increasing the population’ s accessibility to high-quality health care.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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