Compassion Fatigue and Umbilical Cord Prolapse – Genetics&Birth Defects Example

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"Compassion Fatigue and Umbilical Cord Prolapse" is a perfect example of a paper on genetics and birth defects.   Compassion fatigue is a state where one shows exhaustion and dysfunction both physically and mentally as a result of long exposure to compassion stress. This scenario occurs to nurses and caretakers of the patients who are undergoing stressful events, pain, and trauma.   The health care workers who are undergoing compassionate fatigue show repeated absenteeism in work, decreased patient satisfaction, and certain weird behavior or uncommon occurrence both inpatients and nurses. They also show signs of frustrations and impatience in dealing with fellow workers and patients.

However, compassion fatigue can be prevented through self-care. It is also important a program be set out so as to support in recognizing the burnout and necessary prevention taken.   There are three models that are put forward to deal with the intervention of fatigue. These are the Accelerated Recovery Program, Stress Reduction Model, and the Creative Compassion Model. Umbilical Cord Prolapse occurs when the part of the body or a given organ gets out of its place for example there are cases when the cord appears through the cervix.

It mostly happens when there is a rupture of the amniotic fluids when the baby is not ready for birth. There are rare cases when this condition occurs at the early stages of the pregnancy, but mostly it occurs at the late stages of the pregnancy.   When the mother is pregnant, the cord always changes its position therefore it is not easy to predict when there will be a prolapse of the umbilical cord. There is always a higher probability of prolapse when there is more than one fetus in the womb.

Again the amniotic fluid is too much and when it is the mistake of the doctor or the midwives. The most common signs of the prolapse are when the mother feels like something is coming out of the vagina. There can also be an intervention of the doctor or the midwives.       Synthesis of the two articles The umbilical cord prolapse is a rare condition in mothers but it is important that the pregnant women visit the doctors and the nurses for clinical checkups such that if it happens to occur there can be a proper remedy done in time.

The condition can endanger the life of the mother at the same time it endangers the life of the unborn child. That is because the rapture of the amniotic fluid which is always the major cause of the organ prolapse is the one that acts as the shock absorber at the same time provide nutrients to the fetus. Health workers like the nurses are very important people in society as they are very imperative to the lives of the patients and also responsible for their own lives.

However, compassion fatigue may deter them from working effectively at the same time can cause their lives. Therefore measures should be put forward to better their situation at work. It is also important that they take their own initiatives so as to practice self-care. Difference between summarizing and synthesizing research Summarizing entails finding features in an article, journal, books, or any other reading material and condensing the primary information in one’ s own words.

In providing the summary one has to read the material so well so as to solidify the meaning inferred in the reading material. In the summary, one should be able to simplify the material and tell what is important and what is not important in the text. In determining the importance, the researcher should be able to express the key ideas in the research. On the other hand, take a step a notch higher than the summery. Unlike just statin the key ideas in the reading material, the researcher assimilates such ideas so as to result in an evolving fathoming of the reading material.

By doing a synthesis the researcher should ensure that the piece of work reflects the real scenario as a result of proper understanding.   In the synthesis, the writer can put the ideas such that they look a totally new thing but the information is maintained. The synthesis of the text is more advanced as compared to the summary that only captures the new ideas.  


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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