The Positive Impact of Eating Healthy Food – Food&Nutrition Example

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"The Positive Impact of Eating Healthy Food" is an impressive example of a paper on food and nutrition. The paper will discuss how changing one’ s food habits have a huge positive or negative effect on one’ s body. In this paper, I will discuss how the food that I did not take in the past entered my food repertoire today. Moreover, I will also include the food that exists today but I would not prefer having it. Food plays a major role in your health; eating nutritious foods is essential in maintaining an active mind and body.

A balanced diet includes grains, vegetables, fruits, and so on. We end up having serious diseases like cancer and diabetes if any of these important ingredients are missing from our diet.   I am a 28-year-old woman, who did not follow a balanced diet routine in the past; as a result, I experienced certain negative changes in my body. For example, my immune system was not functioning properly and my skin became dull and pale. Hence, after meeting with my doctor, I came to know that I have a severe vitamin deficiency and the reason was that in the past I did not add enough fruit to my diet. Fruits are extremely important in maintaining a healthy body because they are the best source of vitamin A-C and E.

Moreover,   Fruits are filled with fiber and antioxidants, which boost your immune system and keeps your skin glowing. Several researches have proven that people who take a diet high in fruits lower the risk of cancer. Moreover, Citrus fruits like oranges and watermelon have surprising skin healing properties. Similarly, Berries are known to have plenty of compounds that are rich in vitamins including vitamin A, C, calcium, and other important components of our body like folic acid (Parker-Pope).

Therefore, when I started adding fruit to my diet, I experienced a huge change after just a month. I started enjoying my life more as i had more energy to accomplish my goals. In addition, I felt that I was less stressed out, slept better, and even reduced weight. Eating a healthy diet rich in fruits gives us endless health advantages and an energetic lifestyle. Although, several studies have proven that adding fruit in one’ s diet produces all positive results.

However, some diet and fitness experts today believe that fruits may result in diseases like diabetes and even weight gain since fruits are high in calories that may harm with the weight control and weight loss mechanism (Indianapolis) However, I do not agree with the notion that eating fruits can cause diabetes or weight. Yes, I do believe that excess of any food can produce negative results but that also varies from person to person. If a person’ s body is healthy, it will continue in the normal way.

I have met many people who are scared to eat fruit because they think that their blood sugar will shoot up. However, many latest studies also show that no matter how much fruit you eat your sugar level will remain stable. It is a myth that a fruit diet causes high sugar levels as diabetes is caused by a high-fat diet. Hence, adding fruit to one’ s daily diet may have many health benefits, so it should remain a vital part of a person’ s lifestyle. The food that I do not wish to eat at present is Fast food despite it being so popular today, especially among teenagers.

The reason why I would not add fast food to my diet is its deadly and harmful side effects.   “ Junk food simply means an empty calorie food.   An empty calorie food is a high calorie which is short of micro-nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, or amino acids, and fiber but has high energy” (Ashakiran & Deepthi). Fast food is extremely tempting and delicious but it is a proven fact that it causes ailments like heart attacks, sugar, obesity, depression, etc.

Some researchers also show that people who eat fast food on regular basis suffer from severe headaches like migraines. The reason why the intake of junk food has innumerable side effects is that it does not provide us with the necessary nutrients that our body requires. Fast food restaurants are very popular among children; kids gain weight quickly and obesity has become a serious concern for their parents.   Many Fast Foods like French fries and pizzas are full of saturated fat, high in calories, and have low-quality carbohydrates, which is destructive for a healthy body.

Hence, fast food in my opinion is not the right choice for one’ s body and should be replaced with healthy diets like fruits and vegetables. On the other hand, several studies confirm the many advantages of Fast Foods. For example, Americans spend more money on buying Junk Food because it is so cheap and convenient, as one does not even have to travel to purchase it, and the food is just a phone call away.

Many people like working women or housewives prefer eating Fast Food because it is ready-made and saves a lot of time and energy and because they are easily available and are less costly. However, many Fast Food Places now offer healthier food like low-fat food, salads, and fruit yogurt.   Hence, keeping in mind the negative health effects of Fast Food, a person can at least make some right choices while eating it. For example, when eating Pizza one must take less cheese with low-fat topping (Fast foods).   Similarly, when eating meat or chicken one must avoid fried things and go for baked or grilled stuff.

Moreover, having a desert low in fat could also be a better choice. To conclude, I would say that one must follow a healthy diet plan rich in fruits and vegetables, and avoid all kinds of Fast Foods that cause chronic ailments like obesity and cancer. A healthy diet reduces the risk of developing serious diseases and maintains a healthy body. Eating the right foods makes you feel better, thus, one must make healthy lifestyle changes that will bring more advantages that are lasting.


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