Nutrition and Exercise – Food&Nutrition Example

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'Nutrition and Exercise' is a great example of a paper on food and nutrition.   What surprised you most about your nutrient analysis? The total intake of calories for the day is not met, the goal is 2046 calories while consuming 380 calories per day. Meals consumed consist are mostly of carbohydrates in nature, this is because it is the highest source of calories, accounting for 63%, followed by fat with 22% and finally proteins contributing 15%. In addition to that, the diet lacks some types of food like vegetables, whole grain intake, fruits, and dairy products. What areas are you meeting your recommended needs?   According to the report, there is nowhere the set target is attained.

  Goals to consumer calories from carbohydrates, protein, and fat are 920 to 1329, 204 to 716 and 409 to 716 grams respectively. The daily set target for each is 239, 57 and 83 grams respectively clearly indicating that the objectives are not met. Activities undertaken also are not up to the standards since they are contributing to a sedentary kind of lifestyle. What areas do you need improvement? Consume more of grains 6.0 oz equivalent vegetables 2.5 cup equivalent, fruits 2.0 cup equivalent, dairy 3.0 cup equivalent and protein foods 5.5 oz equivalent.

Consumption of whole grain and oil should also increase to around 3.0 whole grain and 6.0 teaspoons of oil daily. On the other hand, the level of extra fats and sugar should be limited to 267 calories per day. What changes can you make to help improve your diet and physical activity level overall?                   As far as nutrition is concerned, most people do it without prior information and not as a way to maintain a healthy life but just eating to live.

Therefore, visiting a nutritionist will be the first level. This will equip one with knowledge and understanding of food and their nutritional value, how and when to consume those food types. The second change is to stay with people who are well conversant with good eating habits. Learning from experts is always the best thing to do (Lamb, 5). Eating alone won’ t help since one will consume what they like which may not necessarily be healthy.

  Finally, come up with a meal schedule to guide on what to eat and at what time. Through the schedule, one is able to determine the combination of various types of meals without repeating them, therefore, reducing the chances of eating one type of meal more than other meals. Add more extra physical activities like riding a bicycle every evening after classes and work. Increased time is taken to indulge in the already existing activities like increase time take for jogging from 30 minutes to 1 hour. Join a sports club or a group that engages in games and other physical activities.

This will not only increase the number and variety of physical activities done but it will also enable one to maintain a constant and continuous habit in indulging in physical activities. Finally, due to the sedentary lifestyle brought up by the existing physical activities, enrolling for the gym would another option of cutting down calories, besides physical activities.


Lamb, David R. Exercise, Nutrition, and Weight Control. Carmel, IN Cooper Pub. Group, 2001.
Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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