Diet and Exercise – Food&Nutrition Example

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"Diet and Exercise" is an excellent example of a paper on food and nutrition. Both diet and exercise are very crucial for one’ s healthy life. Diet or nutrition is a process that involves providing or taking food essential for health and growth. At the same time, exercise is the process that consists of taking some activities to develop or maintain physical fitness and overall health by reducing weight. Therefore, in this paper, I will discuss the importance of proper nutrition, weight management, physical activity and fitness, and major diseases attributed to poor diet or weak exercises to make a reasonable conclusion on whether food is more important than exercise to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and vice versa in America. Personal nutrition is an essential thing for one to maintain his/her health.

Every food has its effects once introduced into the body, and therefore there is a need to focus on only food substances which are helpful to the body. Healthy eating helps one to build energy for daily activities, protection from chronic diseases, and also extends longevity. A healthy diet is enhanced by following a healthy eating pattern, focusing on variety, nutrient intensity foods.

A good diet has been regarded as the driving factor for rapid weight loss than mere exercise (Antony, 2018). Experts have estimated that weight loss consists of 75% diet and 25% exercise. This shows that a proper diet is more important than exercise in maintaining a healthy life. Again, weight loss mechanisms reduce the usefulness of exercise as a standalone way to keep a healthy living. American Dietetic Association confirms this as it says that, it is tough for most overweight people to release the required energy deficit of 500 to 1000 calories per day without managing and reducing what they eat.

Therefore, it is clear that maintaining a diet is a crucial rule of reducing weight (Andrew, 2018). It is a quicker way that enhances weight loss while saving your time than having to schedule routine exercises every day that consumes a lot of your time. Physical activity and fitness is an essential way to maintain a healthy life. It involves muscular endurance, body composition, flexibility, metabolic fitness, and cardiorespiratory fitness.

It reduces risk factors for some diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular disease, increases force within the muscles, sufficient blood flow, and the capability to do repeated tasks. Most people fail to understand that a proper diet is the fuel source that drives the latter. A proper diet is responsible for exercise because it provides the body with the right caloric intake, energy, and adequate nutrients. Without such body requirements, it is impossible to effectively exercise to achieve a loss of weight that you need (Rector, 2019). Most people in America have learned how to manage a proper diet even before thinking of taking exercise as a good diet is the key to effective practice and hence desired weight loss.

With that knowledge, it is evident that food is more important than exercise in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Lastly, there are some significant diseases which risk factors are poor health situations. These poor health conditions evolve all-around exercise and diet. The American Heart Association, for instance, recommends proper exercise, healthy eating, maintaining a healthy weight, controlling blood sugar as major ways to prevent health diseases like cardiovascular diseases, heart diseases.

Some risk factors of these diseases and those in which can be controlled through exercises and proper diet are body fats, poor diet, physical inactivity, and overweight (Goodrich, 2017). The paper has clearly outlined that adequate nutrition is the key to weight loss, effective physical exercise, reducing body fats. This is achieved by managing what we obtain or provide for our bodies and also controlling high blood pressure through making choices for beverages and foodstuffs with a minimum amount of sugar elements.

Diet regulates even the exercises we take to reduce fats in our bodies by providing the body with the required caloric. This is clear proof that proper diet stands an essential position in maintaining a good healthy lifestyle. Conclusion In conclusion, this paper has related importances of personal nutrition, weight management, physical activity and fitness, and finally, major diseases with health risk factors that can be controlled through exercise and diet. It has revealed that proper nutrition is the fundamental rule to weight loss, physical fitness, and body composition.

Therefore, based on such evidence, it is right to conclude that diet is more important than exercise in maintaining a healthier lifestyle. This is because diet itself is responsible for productive activity. Hence, I recommend that those who are seeking better reliable ways to reduce their weight loss should focus on managing their daily diet, controlling what they eat is a simple way and saves time.


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