Analysis of the Fad Diet – Food&Nutrition Example

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"Analysis of the Fad Diet"  is an engrossing example of a paper on food and nutrition. Diet fads come and go.   The paper discusses one of the current diet fads. The preferred diet fad helps the individual maintain the right weight.   Perfectly implemented diet fads contribute to healthier weight levels. Weight Watchers Diet Explanation                       The weight watchers diet system continues to succeed for more than 30 years. The diet is grounded on the dieter’ s weight. Under the program, individuals must eat a balanced diet. A balanced and moderate diet will reduce the obese person’ s weight.

If the individual is underweight, he or she will consume more weigh increasing food products.   Until today, the weight watchers’ diet continues to be one of the most popular diet fads (Inel et al. , 2010). Need for new food bunch   The diet persuades me to buy a new set of controlled food choices. The new food’ s contents included reduced amounts of fat-inducing ingredients. Fat inducing foods include meat fat. Excessive consumption of meat and poultry leads to obesity, excessive weight. I only consumed food products that my body needs for each day.

If I had to exercise or run, my energy food intake included additional energy-boosting food products. If my entire day is spent sitting at the library research table, I reduced the amount of energy-boosting food, avoiding obesity issues. Sugar carbohydrate food causes obesity (Inel et al. , 2010). High energy food alternatives include strawberries, pineapples as well as bananas (Jones, 2008). Complicated Diet Fad The weight watchers diet plan is difficult is too complicated.   I have to take a jump on the weigh scale within 24 hours. I have to determine the total calories of each food consumed.

Computing the total calories of each meal is time-consuming and very energy-sapping. During busy days, I skip taking my weight. I just presumed that my weight does not significantly change (Inel et al. , 2010). Ease in implementing the diet and corresponding barrier There are certain easy issues about the chosen diet. First, the amount of food will affect a person’ s weight. Consuming excessive food logically increases one’ s weight.   Starving oneself for several days leads to weight reduction.   Lastly, the increase in food quantities equates to the increase in the consumed calories.

However, the complex computation of the daily food calorie intake is a barrier to the successful implementation of the diet plan (Inel et al. , 2010). Diet contributes to the dieting person’ s difference                       After more than one week, the diet makes me feel different. I have more energy. I can move from one place to another within a lesser time period. I can think and act quicker. Diet Recommendation                       I highly recommend the diet to everyone. The diet has been successfully implemented for more than 50 years. People affirmed they greatly eliminated unwanted body fats.

To increase their body weight, slim individuals must consume more energy-boosting and weight-gaining food (Inel et al. , 2010). Conclusion                       Some fads fade into oblivion.   The weight watchers diet fad has its successes. For more than 50 years, people voiced their weight successes under the weight watchers diet.   The diet fad’ s food consumption is grounded on the person’ s current weight.   Evidently, the perfectly executed weight watchers diet fad can improve the persons’ weight.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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