Ways to Lose Weight – Fitness&Exercise Example

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"Ways to Lose Weight"  is an engrossing example of a paper on fitness and exercise. Physical Fitness                      Physical fitness is a measure that is used to define a person’ s ability to lead a functional and efficient life in both leisure and work-related activities. A physically fit person enjoys several benefits such as an improvement in the cognitive functions and a lowered risk of heart diseases (U. S. Department of Health and Human Services). What is the best way to lose fat? There is no best way to lose fat.

On the contrary, losing fat involves a combination of having a good diet and exercising plan. An ideal dietary plan is one, which has low-calorie intake and is designed by a professional dietician to suit a specific person. The ideal exercise plan incorporates both cardiovascular and weight training regimes. Good cardiovascular training will burn calories while weight training will increase an individual’ s muscle to fat ratio (Armstrong). What will happen if I lift weights? When person weightlifting, there are a number of happenings that occur. Weightlifting results in micro-tears in the existing muscles.

The amount of tear is directly proportional to the level of difficulty of the workout. The formation of the muscle tears on an individual and the subsequent healing of the muscles leads to muscle growth. Men and women have a different response to lifting weights. Men gain muscle mass and bulk up while the women attain a toned body with minimal body fat. Apart from gaining muscle when a person lifts weights, weightlifting also results in the loss of fats in the body. Loss of fats during a weightlifting exercise is due to the increase in metabolism. How do I lose belly fat? Belly fat is a harmful fat that is deposited in the midsection of individuals.

It is responsible for diabetes, insulin resistance, and heart disease. An individual has several options to choose from when considering the reduction of belly fat. The first option is for individuals to reduce the amount of refined sugar they consume. Refined sugar is made up of fructose and glucose. The liver metabolizes the fructose. However, a high intake of fructose will overwhelm the liver and it, in turn, will convert the excess fructose into fat.

This fat is stored in the liver and an individual's midsection. Hence, a reduction in uptake of fat will lead to a reduction in the amount of fat stored in the belly. The second method of losing belly fat is to reduce the intake of carbohydrates. A low carbs diet will reduce the amount of belly fat. The reduced belly fat is direct as a result of the person using fat as a primary source of the energy as opposed to carbohydrates (Gunnars). Do I need to take dietary supplements- why/why not? The decision of taking or not taking dietary supplements will depend on how vigorous one becomes during the routine working session.

Only athletes should be able to take dietary supplements to compensate for the deficit that their body is faced with due to the high intensity of their training schedules. In this instance, the athletes or other physically active people would utilize the dietary supplements to increase ultimately their overall performance, improve their health, and reduce their chances of succumbing to injuries and fatigue.

As such, I do not see the need of taking dietary supplements when trying to lose fat. What an individual should do is to focus more on eating the recommended amount of food containing their dietary needs by a trained and qualified dietician (William and Michaela). Why are my muscles sore after a workout? Working out involves different exercises that lead to the tearing and inflammation of muscles. Muscle soreness is referred to as the delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). According to Edmund (51), DOMS occurs after a workout although the time it starts varies from one individual to another.

There are several reasons for the muscles sore. The main reason is the microfiber tears that occur in muscles. These tears result from inflammation and thus soreness. The second reason is the stimulation of nerve endings, located in the muscle fibers, which receives the noxious stimuli from the damaged muscles. Lastly, the soreness of muscles can be attributed to the production of free radicals and the white blood cells in the inflamed muscle tissue (Burke). How often a beginner workout; what they should and should not do? A beginner is still getting used to the regime of a workout.

As such, they have not developed the ability to do the workouts safely and in the correct form. Due to their inexperience, the beginners should limit their workout plans to a maximum of three times a week. The little time spent in working out will enable them to learn proper form, be acclimatized with the different training procedures and most of all give their body enough rest.

The beginner should ensure that they work out every day as they gain confidence and form. Training every day helps beginners in forming a consistent training habit. The beginner should be confident when handling the various workout machines and schedules. In addition to confidence, the beginner should be determined and appreciate the process of losing weight or gaining muscle is a slow but fulfilling process (Yeager). However, the beginner should not be trapped into performing a similar routine day in day out. Most of the beginners fall into the trap of performing a training routine with the same intensity and duration.

The familiarity with performing routine daily leads to boredom. As such, the beginners should guard against falling into a similar routine trap. Explain a weekly workout of either a beginner or an athlete and why the exercises are important A beginner should target a maximum of a three-day a week workout program. For instance, in each of the three days, the beginner will do a whole body workout. The whole body workout enables the beginner to exercise one body part each with two sets of 10 repetitions (reps) per training session.

For example, if the beginner chooses the three-day program, they will work out on every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of a given week. The remaining days are rest days. The whole body workout is important to the beginner as it introduces him or her to the different exercises that are performed per body muscle. In addition, the beginner learns to perfect their motion and form in ensuring they get the best from each workout.


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