The Importance of Jogging – Fitness&Exercise Example

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'The Importance of Jogging' is a good example of a paper on fitness and exercise.   The human body like any other animal body is endowed with abilities to survive on the planet for a definite span of life. By nature, the body is designed as a machine to cope up with forces of nature and the physical and biological processes are honed to keep it in shape. Fortuitously, with the superior intelligence of man, he has been capable of harnessing the knowledge to ensure survival on earth. However, by the same coin, man has made his life so easy that he has forgotten to keep up with the requirements nature has placed before him to ensure a healthy life.

An abundance of food and dependence on technology has made man lead a sedentary life which has given rise to many lifestyle diseases. Running or jogging is an activity, though apparently being a simple exercise can reverse the effects of the unhealthy lifestyle trends, that mankind has developed. Jogging exercises the whole body and allows all muscles and organs to function at their optimum level if practiced in a feasible and appropriate manner.

It allows the skeletal muscles to get toned, removes the excess toxins accumulated inside them, strengthens the cardiac muscles, improves circulation and allows for the proper functioning of the lungs, heart, liver and other vital organs within the body. This has been proven in studies conducted on the benefits of running. In one such study carried out at the Boston University Medical Center, it was established that although running is considered to strengthen the legs of a runner, it also strengthens the arms indirectly1.

12 fit runners, who were tested using special equipment called the ergometer, were found to have higher arm strength as compared to 10 inactive people and equivalent to that of 9 wheelchair racers, the latter endowed with compensatory upper arm strength due to their handicap1. In fact, it has been established that persons indulging in moderate and optimal exercise regimens not only live longer than their counterparts who do not exercise at all but exercise also offsets the bad effects of diseases and other ailments2.

A person who starts running at a late stage in life should, however, get an appropriate medical examination before indulging in a jogging program. It has been observed that such persons are prone to cardiac attacks if there is an underlying cardiac pathology2. However, it has been determined that exercise is not the cause of a disease but can precipitate an emergency condition in case there is preexisting disease2. Running and other exercises are known to stimulate the generation of endogenous opioids which have vital roles to play in homeostatic hormonal mechanisms within the body3.

Such endogenous opioids are generated in the brain and impart a feeling of well being and a positive frame of mind in the jogger which stimulates a person to keep going with the exercise regimen. Running is, therefore, an optimal exercise that keeps the body tuned to meet challenges of physical nature and not only preserves the ideal shape of the human figure but also ensures proper health and functioning of the internal organs. Improved circulation ensures the proper delivery of oxygen to the deepest cells with the body, and also removes the toxins in an effective manner.

Running provides both physical as well as psychological benefits for an average human being trapped in the high tech lifestyle of modern living.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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