The Importance of Fitness – Fitness&Exercise Example

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'The Importance of Fitness' is an outstanding example of a paper on fitness and exercise.   Nowadays the sedentary lifestyle is quite common. People are usually busy at work or are stay-at-home. Such an unhealthy way of life increases the number of overweight people and provokes comorbidities associated with high weight. Cardiovascular diseases are the main reason for death all over the world and in most cases, obese people are most vulnerable and have a predisposition to cardiovascular disease. Also, overweight leads to diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea, and gall bladder disease.

For example, there are 75% of obese adults in America. Fitness and appropriate diet is only one way that can help to improve the health of obese people and reduce related medical conditions. The importance of fitness cannot be overstated. Approximately 26% of adults in the United States have regular physical activities, 3- 4 times per week that is quite a small indicator. People should be aware more about fitness and how they can improve their health and life. It is quite necessary for everyone to take care of their physical health.

Regular fitness can help to maintain overall health. There are different types of fitness that have positive effects on body organs. Aerobic or cardiovascular fitness is the best one to improve the work of your heart. During aerobic exercises, it is possible to receive your target heart rate and maintain it at least for 20 minutes. Heart muscle can be trained during aerobic fitness as any other muscles. Aerobic fitness strengthens your heart and increases the amount of oxygen and energy supplement of tissue. Also, such type of fitness can decrease blood pressure and the quantity of low-density lipoproteins also called bad cholesterol that can lead to atherosclerosis and heart failure.

It helps to control the glucose levels in the blood and prevent diabetes. Jogging, swimming, cycling, walking refer to aerobic fitness. ( FitnessHealth, 2014.)  The other type of fitness is strength training. It can train and develop your muscles. Strength training influences your health mainly in two ways. It helps to improve metabolism as the rebuilding of ruined muscle fibers needs a lot of energy and you can burn calories even after fitness.

Also, muscle development after strength fitness increases bone density and prevent fractures and osteoporosis. Stretching is another quite important part of the fitness program as it helps to increase the flexibility. During stretching muscles, ligaments and tendons elongate despite other types of fitness which lead to muscle constriction and tightening. Therefore stretching reduces the possibility of fractures during fitness and makes it safer and easier. Also, it increases the blood circulation and increases the amount of oxygen supplement. Fitness is needed for everybody. Especially it is quite important for adults to have a regular fitness plan as it helps to build strong bones, maintain a healthy weight and prevent cardiovascular diseases.

It is necessary to combine fitness with a healthy balanced diet. Such a diet must include an appropriate amount of water, proteins, fiber, fat preferable unsaturated lipids, carbohydrates better complex carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. Therefore, fitness is quite important as it improves health, prevents cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity. It helps to maintain physical and mental health. Fitness is an integral component of a healthy lifestyle. People have to maintain their regular fitness plan as it may improve the health of the population and reduce the percent of cardiovascular diseases and obesity all over the world and even to increase average life length.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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