Epidemiology Essay Examples

Epidemiology as a Medical Science
"Epidemiology as a Medical Science" is an engrossing example of a paper on epidemiology. Epidemiology is a medical science that investigates how, when, and why diseases occur in human populations (Porta 2014). Initially, epidemiologist’s aim was to reveal and analyze potential causes of endemic diseases like polio, typhoid, and smallpox.…
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Principles of the Surveillance in Epidemiology
"Principles of the Surveillance in Epidemiology" is a wonderful example of epidemiology research. In carrying out research, it is not possible to get data from everyone in the population, and this is why a section of the population is used to represent the whole population. Of course, a few measures might need to be considered so that the data that has been collected will represent the entire population.…
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Chronic and Infectious Disease Control
"Chronic and Infectious Disease Control" is an interesting example of epidemiological research. Epidemiological surveillance is a continuing methodological collection, recording, analysis, interpretation, and giving out of information and processed data showing the current health status of a certain society or population.…
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Common Gastrointestinal Illnesses in Vermont
"Common Gastrointestinal Illnesses in Vermont" is a perfect example of medical research on epidemiology. Epidemiology is the science that studies the frequency, distribution, causes, and determinants of disease in the human population. Norovirus are a group of viruses that cause gastroenteritis in people. Symptoms include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and stomach cramping.…
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The Prevention of Health Issues: Epidemiology
The paper "The Prevention of Health Issues: Epidemiology" is a perfect example of medical research. Epidemiology can be defined as the prevention and control of diseases in the human population. It is vital for the public health sector to intervene in health matters so as to avert the spread of any health pandemic in society. The prevention of health issues can be done on three levels.…
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Health Epidemiology and Statistics
"Health Epidemiology and Statistics" is a wonderful example of a paper on epidemiology. There are different terms in epidemiology that are used to denote certain meanings. Some of them are concerned with the same parameters but are used differently. Some of these are odds ratios, incidence, and risk. …
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