Depression Essay Examples

Why People Die by Suicide

"Why People Die by Suicide?" is a wonderful example of a paper on depression. Joiner, T. (2005). Why People Die by Suicide. Harvard University Press. When reviewing and investigating violence and its effects on society, it is important to understand why a specific type of violence exists in the first place and what constitutes the violence. Joiner (2005) explains the various reasons why people die from suicide.

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Distortion in Thinking
"Distortion in Thinking" is an outstanding example of a paper on depression. Thinking is the result of perception, experience, bias, and judgment. Our brain destroys reality to increase self-esteem by means of justifying ourselves. People tend to perceive it as being the reason for good things, unlike ill effects.…
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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Depression
"Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Depression" is a worthy example of a paper on depression. Thirty-eight-year-old Captain Rogers was rushed to the hospital after his wife phoned in for emergency after finding him in a very drowsy state. An interview with the wife suggests that the patient has overdosed himself. The main cause of his attempted suicide turns out to be depression and trauma.…
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Qualitative General Depression
"Qualitative General Depression" is an excellent example of a paper on depression. Adolescent depression is a serious disorder that is marked by a prevalence rate of approximately 5% along with significant rates of relapse and mortality. It is known to affect the youth's over-all well-being, their interpersonal relationships, academic performance, and the family and support systems.…
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Effects of Smoking, Depression, and Anxiety on COPD Patients
"Effect of Smoking, Depression, and Anxiety on COPD Patients" is an outstanding example of a paper on depression. Smoking may lead to resistance in those patients who are under the treatment of inhaled corticosteroids or ICS. This treatment, which is often administered for asthmatic patients who are smokers shows minimal effectiveness towards corticosteroids when compared with nonsmokers.…
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Multiaxial Diagnosis - The Case of Lisa
"Multiaxial Diagnosis - The Case of Lisa" is a good example of a paper on depression. Lisa was diagnosed with the major depressive disorder as per Axis I by clinician as per DSM – IV diagnosis. The essential feature of a major depressive disorder is a period of at least 2 weeks during which there is either depressed mood or the loss of interest or pleasure in nearly all activities.…
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Depression Symptoms Study by Tsai
'Depression Symptoms Study by Tsai' is an outstanding example of a paper on depression. This study by Tsai et al. (2013) was conducted to find out if depression symptom severity could be reduced and HIV outcomes could be improved with directly observed fluoxetine treatment of marginally housed and homeless adults infected with HIV.…
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Depression and Communication Concepts
"Depression and Communication Concepts" is an interesting example of a paper on depression. Listening skills play a great role in group communications. Listening is a crucial prerequisite to communication. Listening skills enables group members to give each other time to contribute to the group sessions.…
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Postpartum Depression and How to Deal with It
"Postpartum Depression and How to Deal with It" is a perfect example of a paper on depression. Post-partum depression is one of the most common afflictions affecting women in their post-delivery periods. It is also known as ‘baby blues’ and often occurs within three months following childbirth. This paper shall discuss the biological, psychological, physical, and mental aspects of this disorder.…
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Need to Address Post Traumatic Stress and Depression Among Veterans
"Need to Address Post Traumatic Stress and Depression Among Veterans" is a great example of a paper on depression. War veterans have been the objects of psychological, social, emotional and medical needs as the consequence of their involvement in a war often leads to an indelible imprint in these spheres of their lives.…
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Depression in Older Adults
"Depression in Older Adults" is a wonderful example of a paper on depression. Depression is a psychological disorder that leads to feelings of anxiety, hopelessness, irritability, and restlessness hence affecting an individual’s thoughts, feelings, and behavior (NIH, n.d).  Depending on the severity of the condition, depression can be treated using either drugs or therapy (NHS, 2014). …
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Depression Essay Examples to Inspire You

Depression rank among the most common disorders. No wonder depression essays are regular tasks in both high school and college. Because the essay topic is too broad and affects millions of people daily, an academic paper related to mental illness is often assigned not just on health-related courses but also from other subjects.

Essay examples help a student know about this mental health illness. Access to a wide range of free depression essay samples online also makes it possible for students to download any paper they want, read it and gain more information on the topic.

A learner who is required to write essays related to a topic on depression, yet the individual is encountering the task for the first time, may have difficulty composing a quality text. That is why we have included some good topic ideas, the definition, symptoms, types, and how to write the essay. Downloading depression essay examples is another great way to comprehend the writing process.

Depression Definition Explained

Writing a medical essay related to depression may require a student to talk more about the definition, the basics or go in-depth on the types. Even if you read several examples, it can be exhausting to write a quality essay if you don't know the meaning of the disorder.

So what is depression in simple words? Depression is considered a mental disorder characterized by persistent sadness or disinterest in activities that a person often finds enjoyable.

Apart from the definition, a student may also ask, what is an example of depression? A good example of this illness is when you experience profound grief that doesn't end after a few hours or days. You can understand more about depression meaning by reading our well-written essay examples.

Signs and Symptoms of Depression

While it's normal to feel sad once in a while, especially when a bad incident occurs like losing a loved one or a job, ongoing mood changes are worth looking into. Signs of depression are:

  • Angry outbursts
  • Increased fatigue
  • Drastic appetite and sleep pattern changes
  • Unable to concentrate
  • Having a depressive mood all the time
  • Thoughts of suicide and death

Reading our essay examples will show you that this mental illness is also a leading cause of disability. A reputable depression essays database gives a learner more information about this mental, including examples and common symptoms.

Seven Types of Depression

While there are numerous different examples of causes you can base your essay on, what are the 7 types of depression? The seven most occurring types are:

  1. Seasonal Affective Disorder

This form is related to changes in season. It causes an individual to feel depressed almost every day and have difficulty sleeping.

  1. Postpartum Depression

This form of depression is a complication of giving birth. It's accompanied by appetite problems, severe mood swings, and anxiety.

  1. Persistent Depressive Disorder

This chronic depressive disorder is also referred to as dysthymia. The intensity changes, and the symptoms, which include hopelessness and feelings of emptiness, come and go.

  1. Atypical Depression

It occurs at an early age and is accompanied by daily fatigue, lack of concentration, and recurring suicide thoughts. Increases weight gain and hypo insomnia often accompany mood changes. To gain more insight into the atypical disorder, get a depression essay download from our site and read the content.

  1. Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder

This form occurs weeks or even days before menstruation starts, but the symptoms disappear immediately the bleeding starts. Panic attacks, binge eating, and anger that affect those close to you are the common symptom examples.

  1. Bipolar Disorder

This form is also known as manic depression. It has highs and lows (mood changes), which affect the ability to concentrate and think clearly. Examples of symptoms include impaired judgment and going off-topic.

  1. Major Depressive Disorder

This form is associated with how a person feels, thinks, and behaves in a way that eventually leads to emotional problems. Angry outburst, hopelessness, insomnia, and lack of appetite, which leads to drastic weight loss, are common examples of this disorder's symptoms.

A learner gets to know more about the signs of a specific type by reading essay examples from our website. Each essay is written by an expert who understands mental issues. Another option is to check several examples by our reputable writer.

The Correct Way to Start and Write the Essay

Although after reading different essay examples, you will know the definition, symptoms, and types, it's common to ask, how do you start a depression essay? Reading the examples presented in any document you download to help gain general knowledge will not cut it; you have to focus on something specific.

Furthermore, it is challenging to start writing an impressive essay unless you have a narrow topic and a unique angle to focus on. Listed below are essay topic examples worth considering:

  • Depression and art therapy
  • Postpartum and accessibility to medication
  • Depression diagnosis that centers on hormonal and emotional issues
  • How smartphones influence mental illnesses
  • Cause and effects of depression
  • Musical intervention as a treatment for depression

After selecting a fascinating topic, how do you write essays about depression? The standard way of starting this essay is to introduce the topic, mention the type of disorder your paper will talk about, and end with a thesis statement.

Part of writing is structuring the essay to have an introduction, conclusion, and several paragraphs whose text has been appropriately referenced. Our essay examples can guide you in terms of structure and citing a source.

If you are having trouble writing a captivating start, read through several free depression essays or download examples of the paper you want. Our essay examples also contain credible sources obtained from a reputable online scholarly database, journals, textbooks, newspapers, and a medical website.

The Bottom Line

Writing essays about depression requires a learner to adhere to high standards and present information easy to comprehend. To be a good writer also requires practice. Luckily, even if you encounter writer's block or have trouble crafting a specific essay section, our online examples will get your creative juices flowing.

MedEssay also has a wide range of essay examples that will help students, whether in high school or college, complete their papers with ease. Our paper examples also contain content written according to the correct academic standards required in any institution.
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