Summary and Criticism of Dental Erosion in Human Enamel – Dental Health Example

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  "Summary and Criticism of Dental Erosion in Human Enamel" is a perfect example of a paper on dental health. The nanostructure forms an integral part of the human teeth and the fact is that enamel of human teeth is the most important feature. The enamel of the human teeth is the protective sheet of the human tooth and at the same time, it is also true that this portion of the tooth gets exposed to maximum erosion. Any work on the natural properties and composition of dental erosion is a great value addition to the canon of medical science in general and dentistry in particular.

Moreover, this project also helps the understanding and location of the occurrence for the dental erosion which itself holds a great value in the world of dentistry. This project deals exclusively with the relationship between the structural property and the erosion of the teeth. The composition, mechanical properties, which are characterized by the grazing-incidence synchrotron radiation diffraction, is thoroughly studied in the project. Along with these the important phenomena like atomic-force microscopy; scanning electron microscopy and identification of the Vickers are also delineated carefully.

The project also highlights the modern innovation and the important areas like changes that occur distinctly and the changed occurrence is graded in the crystal disorder. The abundance of phase along with the crystallite size and hardness of the enamel ceramics are highlighted. The phenomenon like load-dependent hardness in enamel but the load-independent hardness in dentine is observed which is very important finding and highlighting of it will enlighten the further research in this area. The procedure of the experiment conducted within the curriculum of the project is excellent.

Under this experiment, one in-situ monitoring technique pertaining to dental-erosion is observed in the enamel ceramics of the tooth when it is immersed into a soft drink. This phenomenon and the experimental procedure is thoroughly described and discussed which makes the project better and fruitful. The result of the atomic absorption suggesting the increasing weightless in the enamel of the human tooth is due to the relentless leaching of Calcium ions in respect to the increasing presence of phosphorous, oxygen and hydrogen.

The project also throws light on the effect of dental erosion on the hardness of the enamel. The project is more or less complete but leaves scope for more findings and the number of experiments involved within the periphery of the project seems less too. However, the composition and the property of the enamel can have the varied effect of soft drinks on it is an area which itself is innovative and for such efforts, the project will be always appreciated.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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