Application for Study of Endodontics – Dental Health Example

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"Application for Study of Endodontics" is a peculiar example of a paper on dental care. I believe that my purpose in the world is to realize my dreams and impact positively in other people’ s life. While I may have various ways of achieving this, I am certain I can best achieve this through my profession that I am so passionate and enthusiastic about. I am passionate about dentistry and particularly on endodontics. It is a dental specialty that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of the dental canal. I believe that upon admission and successful completion of the study of endodontics will enable me to be able to treat all types of problems associated with a root canal.

I will use my special training in the specialty and subsequent experience gained to treat easy and difficult cases of the root canal. I will be able to perform all root canal therapy aspects including endodontics surgery, retreatments, and complex root canals.                       In addition to gaining valuable exposure to clinical practice and technical skills, I believe I have unique qualities that make me best suited to study this particular specialty.

I lived with a friend who had a root canal problem and I witnessed first-hand the pain and suffering that one can go through when suffering from that condition. I understand how difficult life can be for a person suffering from the condition, particularly during eating and talking. I want to be involved actively in relieving such kind of pain and suffering, as well as helping individuals to get treated and lead a more comfortable life. Also, I have good listening skills that were developed during my childhood and in school.

I also have teamwork skills that I developed as a prefect in school. I am careful and precise in everything I engage in. I believe that these skills would be critical in helping me perform my duties as an endodontist. In particular, it will enable me to understand the patient better and facilitate the coordination of all practitioners involved in the process of treating a patient. Besides, being careful and precise will enable me to perform my job as an endodontist with precision and professionalism that is required.                       I am certain that pursuing this course will allow me to not only realize my dreams but also help me make a positive difference to people with root canal problems.

The course will equip me with the necessary knowledge to perform the required procedures in endodontics and to guide practitioners under me. My career goal is to become an exemplary and diligent endodontist with the ability to perform root canal therapy aspects. Apart from performing tasks such as retreatments, endodontic surgery, and complex root canals, I will strive to contribute immensely to enriching the body of knowledge in this specialty.

I will make a well-researched contribution to dental journals.                       I will highly appreciate getting an opportunity to study endodontics in your institution, as it will help me realize my dreams and that of impact on other people’ s lives. I believe that the knowledge and experience that I will gain from pursuing this course at your institution will be valuable. I commit to work hard throughout my study and adhere to the institution’ s rules and regulations.

I trust that you will consider my request and admit me to the program.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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