Roles of Stakeholders in the Process and the Outcome of a Clinical Trial – Clinical Research Example

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The paper 'Roles of Stakeholders in the Process and the Outcome of a Clinical Trial' is a perfect example of clinical research. Researchers conduct clinical trials to gather data regarding the safety and efficacy of a new drug or device development (Goodman, 2010). There are numerous stages of approval of clinical trial processes before it enters the market. The government, the health industry, and the subjects have various roles in the process and outcome of the trials. The government as a principal stakeholder in the process ensures that all the regulations regarding clinical trials are adhered to at all times.

Goodman (2010) mentions that during the process they insist on the certification concerning the compliance with clinical trials. The government also structures the consent forms. At the culmination of the clinical trial, the government in collaboration with other stakeholders evaluates the outcome to gauge its implication and its fitness for release to the market. The industry stakeholders are vital components in the successful development of therapeutic and diagnostic devices (Simon, 2010). In the process of clinical trials, they ensure the safety of the subjects.

During the last stages of the tests, they are responsible for the evaluation of the outcomes to isolate new potential treatments in the patients.           Lastly, the subjects also play a critical role in the process of clinical trials. The subjects have a role to cooperate with the researchers effectively to give better quality. They should remain honest in giving their results. They have a responsibility of shaping the outcome of the research as they are the focal points of the research. Above all, they should remain compliant with the rules governing the trial process.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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