Health Promotion Campaign on Teenage Pregnancy between Ages 12-16 – Child Development Example

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"Health Promotion Campaign on Teenage Pregnancy between ages 12-16"  is an engrossing example of a paper on child development. How to customize this brochure Since modern times, teen pregnancy across the world has always been quite a controversial issue. The teen birth across the world, especially within the underdeveloped countries, has always been on the rise. Teen pregnancy, abortion, and birth rates across the world for teens age 12 to 16 have also been relatively high specifically in countries like the UK and the USA (Armstrong, 2001). AimsThe core aim of the study is to find preventive ways that can reduce and mitigate teenage pregnancy. ObjectivesThe core objective of this study is to evaluate and analyze the reasons behind teenage pregnancy and finding various ways to control and prevent this issue.

Through various efforts have been put into place into controlling teenage pregnancy but they have failed to mitigate these potentially adverse outcomes.   Though the pregnancy rates in many of the developed countries in the world have declined on average, they are still relatively high. Not only that, but teenage pregnancy raises various other social and economical issues such as Overpopulation, depression, and even medical diseases such as AIDS and HIV.

This is quite alarming and if not controlled than the problems could be much higher The impact of teen pregnancy is highly fatal. They carry a high additional risk which can affect the health of the children as well as the mother. Teenage pregnancies can result in giving birth to children who are low-weight and could have premature births. It is due to the fact that they do not have maternal care which is required.   As compared to other women, teenage mothers are also expected to complete their education and can spend more time on their growth and development.

Consequently, as compared to other ethnic and demographic groups, the poverty and poor economic conditions among young and single teenage mothers are very high and surprisingly, a relatively high proportion of these women come from developed cities like USA and UKworkING with breaks A study in the USA conducted in 2007 claimed that teenage pregnancy is directly interlinked with TV programs that have sexual content (Baker, 2007). Young children and teenagers can obtain a huge amount of information about sex through TV and it makes them highly prone to various programs that are not able to emphasize the consequences of unprotected sex.

Television programs which have a huge emphasis on sexual activities are able to generate certain perception about teenagers that there won’ t be any risk with sex and there won’ t be any consequences. However, medical scientists have found that a teenager who is sexually active and is not able to use any protective measures will have a huge possibility to become pregnant   Though there any numerous reasons which can influence teenagers in becoming pregnant at a very early age.

However, lack of knowledge regarding safe sex education could well be the primary cause of teenage pregnancy. It is a mockery that teenagers are never told about the importance of birth control and safe sex and how they should avoid such potentially disturbing activities (Harris, 1996) According to Kaplan (1997), teenage pregnancy and parenthood could be directly interlinked with various social, cultural, and economic issues which could affect their ability as potential parents, their children, and even the society.

Not only will teenage pregnancy affect the education of young ladies in finishing their high school or university education but it may also lead them to potential poverty. Not only that but it will also lead them to a constantly deteriorating health.   The children of such parents may suffer various health issues, may well drop out of school and could even become teen parents in the future It is a fact that teenage pregnancy could be a massive problem for all the people involved.

It could put huge strains on the young parents and even on the parents of those teenagers who have to look after the new baby at their home (Darroch, Singh & Frost, 2001). Due to the fact that teen parents are unprepared to become parents, they struggle with being parents and dealing with unwanted parenthood. This also affects on the upbringing of the child, who will be affected by various problems when growing up WorkING with SpacingEvaluation One of the main sources of prevention of teen pregnancy is educational awareness regarding the impact of pregnancy (Seitz, 1996).

A reduction in teen birth rates should be focused upon educating teenagers and it could be the most effective tool within youngsters. Teenagers with an unprivileged background and living in deprived areas, specifically those coming from ethnically humble backgrounds, education could make a huge difference in their upbringing and development Media can have a huge impact on reducing the level of pregnancy in teenagers. Though media has played a huge role in igniting the level of sexual activities among youngsters and induces them in becoming sexually active at quite a young age.

Media has put a huge emphasis on how women behave according to in terms of sexual activities and reinvigorate the fact mothers are often blamed for a high level of teen pregnancy (Silverstein, 2007). On the contrary, males don’ t take any responsibility in this regard and often get away from this responsibility. The role of the media should be essential in this regard as they need to assert the fact that young people must know that if these teenagers become parents than they can’ t behave in an irresponsible manner and have to be much more assertive in this regard and have to use this contraception even if they are not ready for it (Luker, 1996) Teenage pregnancy can have mixed consequences.

It is not only the duty of the individuals who are involved in such activities but other organizations and institutes also have to play their role to mitigate such adverse scenarios from occurring (Rhode, 2007). Government, as well as NGO’ s, can play a crucial role in this regard by implementing some very important makes sure that various branches of health, as well as educational services, are able to work in a coalition with great effectiveness.

Making preventive efforts for teenage pregnancy with the help of better sex education as well as improving certain contraceptive actions and suggestion services which are designed for young people who are involved in service design, this supporting parent of those teenagers who are able to communicate with them regarding sexual relationships and are also able to target vulnerable and risky groups. Providing better support for young teenage mothers and it can be done by helping them to continue their education, providing better health and childcare which can thus increase the availability of providing better support to those young ladies. ConclusionThough it is evident that social responsibility in terms of prevention of teen pregnancy is fairly high but we can’ t escape the fact that providing young teenagers sufficient knowledge about the consequences of pregnancy and how can it be avoided.

It is our responsibility towards our young people as well as potential children that we can educate them regarding this serious issue and guide them accordingly.

A reduction in teenage pregnancy will ensure a happier life and a reduction in pregnancy prevention costs.

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