The Role of Geriatrics – Care Example

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"The Role of Geriatrics" is a wonderful example of a paper on care.   Geriatrics  is a field of health care directed to focus  on  elderly aged people. To  experience the condition of  elderly persons, it is important to fit in their shoes. This helps in understanding ways through which they can be treated and saved from the pain and feeling of anxiety. It is for this reason that I have undertaken  several  afflictions to experience the feeling of having mild  arthritis, corns and bunions  in feet, bilateral cataracts, bilateral hearing loss,   and decreased sense of touch. This paper reflects my personal experiences with the  afflictions of having these  disabilities and diseases.   It seemed  to find myself in a critical state of  eyesight  where I  had to  put  stress on  my  brain to  make use of sensory skills  along with my vision to look  at  the objects around me.

The affliction was to make myself feel that I have a disability of bilateral cataracts. Firstly, wrapping pieces of paper around my  eyes  did not allow me to read through  naked eyes. Secondly, the affliction of putting cotton in both ears made me disable in terms of  loss of  hearing ability. The feeling of being bilateral deaf was very extremely disturbing  as I could only hear  a buzzing voice in my head.

I felt as  if I was  detached from the environment and there was nothing around me  (Kane, Ouslander, and Abrass).     Wearing gloves on  my  hands  made the third affliction of  losing  the touching sense. I felt my hands  heavier. There was a feeling of roughness in everything that I  touched which made me feel cranky in terms of mentality.   Also, the usage of newspaper to make my knees stiff put me in  a  condition of mild arthritis that made my bones move uneasily.   The feeling of inflamed burning  was also felt by me after the passage of a few hours as I  did not move my joints like I  normally  do.

Lastly,   the use  of stones in the shoes gave me itchy feeling, and every step that I took felt  a lot  heavier. It was the condition of having corns,   bunions,   and arthritis in feet which made me move  slowly and with friction in every step  (Kane, Ouslander, and Abrass).     It was not easier to function with such disabilities as a normal person begets with habits. I noticed that the above-noted disabilities rather made me cranky  and miserable with severe  mood  swings. It may be this  reason that older aged people are not easy to please.

I felt that with all such afflictions, I got tired easily.     If I had these afflictions permanently, I  would have  a very limited lifestyle and I would have stuck myself to home boundaries only because that would make me less likely to get mood swings.   But at the same time, I am aware that  I should be capable enough to maintain a lifestyle that will enable me to live with these disabilities  and at the same time get treatment for  them.   These afflictions can be corrected by using the aid of spectacles  for eyesight cataracts, hearing devices for the hearing disability, performing  exercises for arthritis,   and maintaining nutritious  intake.     If the conditions of diseases and disabilities would be complicated enough for me to  handle  then the operating  room team can surely  help me.

The operating room team can help me get  complete information on  the ways I can help myself to deal with  the problems of locomotion. Also, certain monitoring processes could allow me to note my activities  and take actions that are best suited for me.    


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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