Significance of Nursing Career – Care Example

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"Significance of Nursing Career" is an engrossing example of a paper on care. Today people have little time even to look into the miseries and sufferings of their own fellow beings and siblings. In this regard, the guts and patience put forward by the nursing students and practitioners are, in fact, praiseworthy. Having worked as a case manager amongst HIV and AIDS patients for the past ten years, I know the care and protection the patients of all kinds desire. As for me, I regard this to be a great thing if I could be a part of the great community that is always endeavoring to alleviate the sufferings of the diseased. To be a nurse is not an easy task.

It requires a cent percent commitment and the willingness to take up all kinds of hardships. To be a good nursing student and practitioner, I must possess the following qualities which will also enable me to carry out my duties and functions. Open-mindedness and flexibility: Only a flexible and open-minded person can get along with the changing situation that may arise while providing health care services.

Moreover, I must be open to the values and believes of the patients who are put under my care and custody. 2. Cultural sensitivity and interest: A nursing student and practitioner must always try to perceive the need of their patients without imposing their own beliefs. So, I must try to understand the cultural development of my patients on their own terms not inflicting my own moral values and ideas or using them as a basis of comparison. 3. Honesty and Integrity: I must be honest to my patients in all regards and must endeavor to bring him or her out of danger with all my abilities. Optimism, Energy, and Resourcefulness: I must be optimistic and energetic in whatever I do.

I must be able to convince the patients of their immediate recovery. To win confidence to contribute towards enhancing global health care, I must build up a stable personal life. In order to cope with new technical and managerial developments, I must possess expert knowledge regarding the modern trends and most modern equipment know-how and nursing practice. Above all, I must have a conviction that the work being done is meaningful despite the difficulties that I encountered along the way. The concept of global health is widely getting recognition as the international community is very much concerned about this.

As Wood points out, once globalization has improved the mobility of human resources, nurses can move worldwide and contribute their maximum to those countries where access to health care is limited; and they can thus enhance the global health care infrastructure, broaden health care delivery system and improve the quality of health care for all.

In association with the political and health care leaders, nurses can initiate campaigns to prevent communicable and infectious diseases by launching and promulgating awareness programs (Wood). In addition to this, they can also provide education to the people regarding the importance of personal and premises hygiene. Nurses can help in creating a policy about how care should be provided to the patients once they are the individuals who look into all the matters of the patients.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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