Reflection of a Nurse – Care Example

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"Reflection of a Nurse" is an outstanding example of a paper on care. Nursing is a profession that deals with caring, improving, and saving the lives of people of all ages. In addition, nursing deals with the promotion of healthcare, the provision of counseling services, and the promotion of a safe environment to individuals who are sick or well. A nurse is a highly skilled individual practicing the art of caring with scientific knowledge and skills that are acquired through education and career development.                       Some of the factors that I know influence the nursing profession.

For instance, the heavy workload that is experienced by nurses in hospitals because there is a high demand for nurses. The increase in demand for nurses is mainly due to the increasing number of the aging population. There is also an inadequate supply of nurses to meet the demand of sick patients and the aging population. Moreover, due to cost implications have forced healthcare organizations to minimize the length of stay in hospitals. As a result, nurses are responsible for the care of even sicker patients than before.

Consequently, research shows that the nursing workload that is heavy affects the patient’ s safety as well as affects negatively the job satisfaction of a nurse, therefore, leading to high turnover and a shortage in nursing.                       In my view, society views nursing as a profession that addresses the many challenges faced in the community. Additionally, nurses are considered as the first responders in organizing and taking care of sick people. The community views nurses as specialists in-home care, school, nursing at the corporate level, or selling of pharmaceutical production.

Moreover, some of the barriers that hinder the success of the nursing profession are the lack of equity in terms of healthcare access and quality. Additionally, there is a lack of financial support as well as a lack of emotional and moral support.                       I have also learned that the role of healthcare providers is to assist the sick and the needy. They also offer advice and direction for the prevention of illness as well as injury. In addition, they also provide the necessary treatment through a variety of venues. I have also integrated the process of following the histories of patients that I have learned in school and how they are fairing on.   For me, this is important as I create a relationship with the patients as well as get to know them better.

The role of a teacher is to impart knowledge to students to make them better persons now and in the future. In addition, a leader is an individual who influences people to do what they feel is right. A leader is a role model and should do what is right at the right time.

A manager is an individual who manages people in an organization to meet the set targets as well as the goals and objectives. In addition, a researcher is an individual who does research on the various medical aspects including medicine and the various illnesses and how they should be treated and cured. An advocate is in charge of ensuring that law and order are maintained both in the organization as well as in the community at large.   A colleague on the other hand is an individual who works in an organization with other people to meet the objectives of the organization.                       Some of the processes that influence the nursing profession include communication.

I believe that communication between a nurse and the patients as well as other colleagues is important because while am working I need to know how patients are fairing. In addition, I would also want to know the medicines that have been administered to sick patients as well as have an understanding of the kind of diagnosis that doctors have analyzed.

Moreover, nurses also need to have an understanding of the changes that take place in the healthcare sector. For example, I have always wanted to be of the know how in regards to changes in the drug and administration sector. This includes the drugs that are no longer in use and the new drugs in the market. Consequently, I also have been at the forefront in terms of the nursing information that I need to know. In addition, I take an extra mile to ask my senior colleagues that I find challenging.                       In addition, some of the factors that influence the changing healthcare environment include healthcare economics that relates to the value, efficiency, and effectiveness during the provision of healthcare services.

There are also changes in the care at home and these calls for nurses to train the caregivers on how to treat and take care of the sick patients at home. This also includes the administration of medicines to the sick. As a nurse, I also provide guidance and counseling services to families based on the knowledge I have acquired in school and this includes counseling on the HIV and AIDS program as well as train mothers on how to take care of the newborn children and how to maintain hygiene in their homes.

In the community, as a nurse am expected to administer to any urgent call they have been assigned to. This includes immediate feedback to the sick in the community as well as taking care of an outbreak in the community.                       Nursing as a profession has developed as there is the use of new machines in the hospital and calls for nurses to go for training to get the knowledge of how to use the new emerging technology.

The future of nursing calls for nurses to achieve higher education and training through an improved system and promotes a faultless academic progression. In addition, if there is effective workforce planning it means that there are better data collection and information infrastructure. The recognition of nursing theories calls for new research that will help provide better healthcare. Theories explain the different phenomenon that occurs in the world. In addition, as a nurse, I make decisions every day that take into account the law and ethical standards.

When making decisions, I make them based on what the law dictates therefore, for a sick patient, I administer the drugs based on the doctor’ s prescription failure to which I will be violating my professional ethical code. Society's healthcare needs should be provided based on the resources available as well as the intervention from the government. The aging population should be taken care of putting in mind the cultural environment the community a nurse is dealing with.

The changing economic times call for the governments to help sick patients who cannot afford treatment and medication.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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