Philosophy of Nursing as Applied to Personal Goals – Care Example

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"Philosophy of Nursing as Applied to Personal Goals" is a great example of a paper on care. Since early youth, I have had wide exposure to communities whose frequent struggles with public health are perceived to bear an impact upon social and physical aspects of living due to sicknesses acquired in a variety of forms for most people. Such experience became a guiding principle that human health, in general, requires delicate attention. It further served as an influence during a decisive point when I needed to figure which field to opt for graduate studies of huge interest.

It appears that I am rather inclined to explore the scientific approach in medicine and its associated humanitarian treatment which altogether constitutes a remarkable therapy in curing sick individuals. Nursing assumes the crucial function in this regard and I believe that by following the real heart of philosophy toward caring for the patients, a nurse by profession becomes capable of improving an ill person’ s state of health and well-being. By applying not only systematic medical knowledge but even the right passion and empathy around each technical practice involved thereafter, a nursing vision is conscientiously materialized. In pursuit of obtaining a master of science degree in nursing, I would make it a point to employ diligence and patience during knowledge acquisition.

It would certainly help in this stage to realize how crucial the endeavor is on adequately improving the intellect with the required studies to establish the necessary foundation toward scientific attitude. Having solid academic inclination in this manner, I can project favorable consequences of achieving a full scholarly understanding of the field in terms of learning the formal approach along with the systematic processes embodied in nursing education. While gaining mastery of each pertinent medical course, I think of investing time for non-academic programs with cause by which to develop character traits essential to the application of the philosophy of nursing.

Being able to participate in reach-out activities as a voluntary health worker, for instance, proves useful in signifying the core objectives toward the advocacy to support and uphold life which may be served by aiming to treat and protect the sick from perilous stages of illness. To this extent, I can recognize a way to enhance my perspective of patient care as I discern the essence of compassion and optimism in administering the appropriate medical functions. Apparently, it is conducive for an aspiring nurse to adopt such philosophy at work especially on actualizing the purpose to fulfill the requirements set for the master course completion.

I am confident that eventually, a sense of accountability is formed to facilitate gradual accomplishments with research and field practice. Seeking for my set of skills to be refined in academic behavior and sensible moral discernment should make an attribute that would enable me to proceed with the doctorate level of studies as a full-pledged nurse in the near future.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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