Nursing Leadership and Management – Care Example

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"Nursing Leadership and Management" is a perfect example of a paper on care. It is imperative that apart from the fact that nurse leaders may work independently in executing their work, they sometimes find themselves working as a team. This gives every nurse an opportunity to develop leadership styles that may not be acquired if an individual just works independently. However, developing personal leadership in such a complex environment may differ from one nurse to another. A good leader is said to possess certain qualities. The leaders apply creative problem-solving skills, have a sense of mission, are charismatic and decisive, and are good communicators.

Working as an active team member, I would be able to learn certain leadership qualities that my colleague posses. In this case, I would actively participate in carrying out the tasks that are performed by my colleagues. In some cases, I would also ask questions pertaining to certain leadership qualities that my colleagues have but that I lack. It is common that a leader may not be in a position to know everything that employees want or know.

Some of this information may only come to the attention of the leader in the course of supervision. For instance, as a leader, an individual may be confronted with diverse opinions and cultures within an organization. To develop leadership qualities on how to deal with such issues, I will make sure that I seek different employee’ s opinions with regard to issues affecting them. Furthermore, I will read books on various subjects including leadership and management, and thereby learn how to inspire people at work. The coming decreases in Medicare compensation for primary care physicians are causing many to consider leaving practice or, at the very least, restricting the number of Medicare patients that they will take.

With an increasingly aging population, what roles can nurses play in accountable care organizations where partnerships are forming between physicians and nurses and in the provision of primary care? Many nurses currently work with organizations such as insurers, clinics, hospitals, and community health organizations which may effectively be accountable health organizations. Nurses are in a position to help address certain needs in respect of accountable care.

They specifically can contribute toward improving health care delivery. To ensure that this is achieved, nurses should to act as coordinators in respect of healthcare delivery. This ensures that all the healthcare factors are well coordinated to handle the aged and the poor.   They also perform the role of disease managers even as they focus on the health of patients in society. They also act as resource coordinators. In this case, they ensure that the accountable care facilities have enough resources to cater to the needs of the sick.   Nurses are also expected to provide support for the psycho-social needs of patients.

This is so because aged people in most cases have psychological problems. In this case, they should be able to have health experts to cater to their special needs.   Nurses should also provide health coaching services to people. In this respect, apart from treating patients, they should also engage in providing health education to people. This is a good way of fostering behavior change among patients. Nurses may also engage in data analysis. In this respect, they ensure that all the data pertaining to the accountable organization are effectively analyzed for review.

Other roles that nurses may assume as part of accountable organizations include, acting as process manager, and community outreach and transition planners.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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