National Competency for Nursing Enrolling – Care Example

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"National Competency for Nursing Enrolling" is a decent example of a paper on care. You are busy and two call lights go on at the same time. What factors enter into deciding which one you respond to first? The factors that enter or ring into my mind before I choose what to respond to is the urgency of the call. Secondly, I will consider the importance of that call to an individual in my field of operation. This will help me handle the client’ s requests with a lot of sensitivity. This is in line with one’ s training on how to handle critical situations at one time without negligence. Why is value clarification important both personally and professionally? Value clarification is one of the important factors to consider in a profession especially critical ones like this nursing.

Clarification of values helps one to determine his or her personal traits when it comes to discharging of services. When one is able to clarify the values, it gives an opportunity to identify the strength needed in displaying ones’ profession of nursing. One is able to give services with the help of both personal and professional values.

Values are classified according to the profession, for example, the nursing profession requires patience, love, and honesty. Therefore is it important to clarify the values in order to execute services in a more diligent way? From current examples of public or professional figures whose personal values seem at odds with their professional or public trust? Public figures are the people entitled to serve the public and most of them do the opposite with their value requirements. This is not the same with those of professional figures because the profession requires direct application of those values in the discharging of services.

Doctors are professional figures and they execute duties according to their personal and professional values. Public figures have odds in terms of value application because they do things that don’ t result from the values they are expected from them. Politicians for instance have odds in terms of their values. They engage in corruption, bribery, and tribalism during giving services to the public. This is totally wrong since they are leaders and they should exercise leadership values. Write your own definition of the term professional.   The term professional refers to a description of an individual who is competent or skilled in a particular activity.

It can also mean a person who is involved in a    particular activity as an occupation. Analyze your own values regarding abortion and active voluntary euthanasia. How would you respond to a patient under your care who was deliberating such a choice? Abortion and voluntary euthanasia are important but critical issues related to life and death. They involve the use of ethical issues that require legal decisions.

Personal interventions are also required before making a decision on abortion and voluntary euthanasia. Abortion is a service that should be offered only under certain conditions of the patient. The legal proceedings may follow where the attorney is involved. A person’ s will or decision to undergo may be approved after consideration of several valid reasons explained to the nurses or doctors carrying out the service. I will only respond positively to my patient if the process is only legalized and the reasons are well approved by the individual or family members. What is the process for obtaining support and guidance for dealing with ethical concerns and dilemmas in your institution? Certain procedures are involved during obtaining support during moments of dilemma.

Firstly the case should be presented to the administration to be determined. The administration will require that the nurse under the case give detailed information about the case. The urgency of the case will determine the decision and final ruling that will be made. Discuss factors within the health care system that inhibit patient empowerment. Lack of enough resources within the healthcare system.

Issues like gender discrimination have really affected women in the nursing profession. This is especially experienced by male patients who sometimes oppose the female nurse services demanding to be served by their fellow male nurses. How do issues of women’ s rights relate to nursing and how do these issues differ from issues that may impact men in the nursing profession. Men are intervened to join this profession but become reluctant due to experiences they witness from female nurses. This has affected gender equality in the nursing profession. Mrs.

B has the right to remain in her home, as this is part of her rights. (I)  Sumiko has to talk to the family about the rights of Mrs. B and help comply with her demands as a patient by supporting her rights. (ii). The nursing codes can help Mrs. B get her rights since the nursing codes comply with legal responsibilities and care for the patient. (iii) It will try to make the family understand her rights and support her fully during her medication


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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