Middle Range Theory for Nursing – Care Example

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"Middle Range Theory for Nursing" is a great example of a paper on care. Like any other person falling under a special population, Chris is vulnerable. Individuals under special populations always require special attention and well-coordinated nursing procedure. These people may include those with a terminal illness, the aged, or the dying as well as the disabled. (McEwen, M., 2011). The case of Chris is not any different considering that he is faced with the challenge of dealing with multiple health conditions including weight loss and cancer. The case on Chris requires a clear approach with the aid of Pamela Reed’ s theory of self-confidence.

The approach that has been taken by the primary care nurse shall be useful in helping Chris and the wife cope with the situation. In the subsequent paragraphs, the study will focus on the well-being of Chris with the consideration of the heath experiences, the way Chris can be able to get support as well as the decisions that the nurse may make to ensure that Chris’ well being is ascertained. The first thing that the nurse should consider is the exploration of the fact that Chris is facing by laying emphasis on the vulnerability that Chris has encountered, self transcend and the well-being of Chris and the entire family.

Cognizant to the fact that there are several compounding factors in the life of Chris, including the fact that the wife had moved out of a job, there is the anxiety of expecting the child and the cost that would come with that as well as Chris being faced with Cancer, Chris is bound to be vulnerable. Self-transcend has been identified, as one of the development resources that would be able to promote the well being of the individuals who fall under special population, and which has the ability to promote well being of the affected individuals.

This process is progressive and is the surest way of ensuring that the affected individuals can recover progressively, even for a long period of time. (Smith, M. J & Liehr, P., 2008). Chris at this point is faced with psychological, health, and physical challenges, this exposes them to the difficulty of reduced physical functioning.

His poor physical health has influenced his psychological well-being and vice versa. In this regard, the provision of not only needed health care service is required but also surety that such care is quality. Quality health care would require that the primary care nurse of Chris appreciate the role of spiritual view that would be able to help Chris. The role of spiritual well-being along with religion has been considered an important aspect of healthcare provision. To bolster this argument, Reed. P.G. (2008) has examined the spiritual related factors among the special population. There are several ways through which Chris may be helped to deal with his family situation.

Reed. P.G. (2008).   notes that there is a need to expand the self boundary of a patient under a special population and affirming some orientation that broadens the life perspective and further creating the purpose of life. This is the mechanism that Chris should emphasize. The nurse should seek Chris's permission to engage his religious leaders. This would be able to assist the nurse orient the religious leaders on the importance of involving God in the process of helping Chris.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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