Implications for Baccalaureate Nursing Education – Care Example

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"Implications for Baccalaureate Nursing Education" is a perfect example of a paper on care. Reutter and Williamson, the writers of the article named (Advocating health Public Policy: Implications for Baccalaureate Nursing Education) state that in order to increase the wellbeing of the public, it is essential for health care officials to support public policy (Reutter, 2000). The main aim of this research was to have a discussion on the impact of this issue on the education of nurses who are responsible for public health. The main aim of nurses of public health is the wellbeing of the public and for this purpose, nurses should implement strategies to advocate the policies regarding public health.

The research proved that promoting nursing students to support public policy had a certain amount of issues. Firstly, the students did not think that it was their role to promote public policy. The second challenge is that the students do not have up-to-date information about the issues faced by society and lastly they lack the skills of conducting thorough analysis and critical thinking. Once students will learn about different policies and the problems experienced by society and once they will gain enough critical thinking skills and analytical skills, they would be able to understand the sufferings of patients in a better manner and then they would be able to advocate policies that can be of optimum benefit to the profession and the patients. My Analysis The topic surveyed in the article is very important as the students such as me who are under the phase of learning public nursing need to know the importance of public policy, the references used in the article are very strong as these references come from educational as well as government-created researches (Hitchcock, 2003, p. 461).

The topic is important because today's government has regulated the profession of nursing and if the nurses and nursing students such as me will work in accordance with the guidelines set by the government, we will be able to provide high-quality treatment to patients and we can even avoid any legal issues. Being a nurse and nursing student I will experience various legal matters in my everyday life, by learning about the technical requirements of government I can abide by these requirements and I can make changes to the way I operate to remain safe from legal matters. Application The decision that was derived through the research was to include the public policy in the curriculum of nursing education is a good one as students will realize the importance that is held by policy and how policy shapes the field of nursing.

The addition of government policies in the curriculum will assist them in their practice. If nurses go through these policies in a thorough manner they can find ways to help the patients.

For example: in the case of administering morphine to relax the patient from the trauma they are experiencing, nurses can be held responsible for assisting patients in conducting suicide. If nurses learn about the policies of administering morphine they will realize that consent and intent is of great importance. This means that if the nurses have administered a high dosage of morphine with the intention of helping the patient instead of assisting him/her in suicide, they will not be held responsible even if the patient dies due to the process.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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