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Identify Specific Concepts that are Applicable to Nursing Family Practice in Diverse Populations – Care Example

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"Identify Specific Concepts that are Applicable to Nursing Family Practice in Diverse Populations" is a great example of a paper on care. The aim of all healthcare systems is to ensure that medical practitioners such as nurses are able to evaluate their patients comprehensively in order to determine the psychosocial and physical factors that affect how patients view their chances of achieving health and wholeness. Cultural assessments are especially important when working with families that have diverse ethnic backgrounds. Different cultures have different ways in which families adapt and cope with different issues.

Conducting a cultural assessment can help a nurse to be able to identify ethnic values that may affect the behaviors that the patients exhibit. Nurses can conduct cultural assessments by using open-ended questions, or even by asking the family members of the patient about cultural beliefs and norms. Through the information gotten from such operations, the nurse is able to determine how the patient's beliefs and values can be integrated with the treatment methods used in order to increase the patient’ s chances of regaining good health. When conducting an evaluation of a patient’ s cultural, ethnic, and religious environment, it is also vital to decide how rigidly the patient holds fast to the cultural beliefs.

In attending to patients from diverse cultures, it is important to recognize and respect their individuality. The nurse treating the patient can ensure that he or she achieves this by avoiding the possibility of typecasting patients (Friedman, Bowden, & Jones, 2003). Also, the nurse can seek to find out if there is a high degree of acculturation in the family of the patient that he or she is treating. Identify specific concepts learned in this course that you can apply to your own practice According to Savina Schoenhofer and Anne Boykin’ s Theory of Caring, the entire nursing procedure can be conducted by any person because all persons are capable of caring.

This means that family members can be quite significant participants in the care of relatives as they have connections to them and have already developed feelings of kinship that can be used to the benefit of the nursing relationship. Family members can actually be the greatest resource for patients.

In family nursing practice, trained registered nurses will assess the ability of the family to maintain itself as a functioning unit and control or prevent problems so as to maintain the well being of its members before recommending that the family be allowed to engage in nursing a relative. I would want to incorporate family-centered nursing practice because I believe that it contributes towards the speedy recovery of the patient. This method allows for patients to be able to be tended to by people with whom they are related and with who they already have deep connections.

This practice is not just beneficial to patients and families. The collaborative effort between the family members of patients and medical practitioners greatly improves communication between the two parties and also fosters mutual respect that makes the procedure easier to implement with other patients and their families.                                                                                                                                        


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