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"Commitment to Pursue Nursing" is an excellent example of a paper on care. What are some significant milestones that have influenced your professional career or decision to enter nursing? Growing up, I was aspired to become an OBGYN doctor because the medical field is where my passion lies. I love helping the sick, especially providing care related to the female population. This fully came into my trajectory when my family and I became refugees, and, on the camp, we stayed health care providers such as nurses and doctors would come on certain days of the month to provide care to families in need.

When we moved to the states in 2005, my little sister became very ill and required hospitalization. When she was discharged, we had an amazing nurse who was incremental in her treatment and recovery. I was inspired by her ability to intercede for my sister by understanding her needs, making her feel comfortable, and promptly administering care (Finkelman & Kenner, 2016). As I thought, pursuing medicine was my calling. It quickly changed when I entered the certified nursing assistant program in my senior year of high school.

The instructor who thought the program and my oldest sister influenced me to pursue nursing. As I grew older, it became a passion for providing holistic care for other families who need a strong, intelligent caretaker. While in nursing school, I have learned what it takes to pursue a career in nursing. A bachelor's degree in nursing will open many doors in my career, expand my knowledge on health care, and allow me to step into my long-term goal, which is to become a WHPN/Midwifery (Edgecombe & Robertson, 2016). What significant trends do you see, or have you experienced that influence professional nursing practice on a local, national, or global level? With the amount of rapid growth and staffing shortage in medicine and the increase in chronic disease.

Nurses are returning to school to advance in their careers as Family Nurse Practitioner, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, Nurse Informatic, Nurse Anesthetist, and Women Health Nurse practitioner. To stand in a healthcare provider's role to help close the gap in the shortage of increased patient load and unstable and stressful work environment.   Advancing in a healthcare provider role allows nurses to keep up-to-date knowledge of the new healthcare system (Finkelman & Kenner, 2016). What advice do you have for new graduate nurses entering the workforce to ease the transition to practice? As a new graduate nurse myself, I would advise new nurses entering the workforce to be gentle with themselves.

While the transition into the professional nurse's role will open room for self-doubt, reality shock, and fear wrap with anxiety, but fear not because those feelings have all been felt by another graduate nurse.

I will advise them to write all their thoughts and feelings down on a piece of paper, but mostly what brings them fear and anxiety, and put the paper away and revisit it within six months or a year to compare their growth. I will advise them to be open-minded and ask as many questions they may have and be open to learning and growing. I will advise them that it is hard as a graduate nurse because not many people will understand what you are going through.

The amount of stress comes with it, so it is important to find an activity that would interest you and seek a mentor, something I wish to have (Edgecombe & Robertson, 2016). Identify 2-3 health promotion strategies that you could potentially use to promote your health or success while in the RN-BSN program or throughout your nursing career?   I met with Ms. Tiffany, the student success and retention coordinator, before starting my course to develop a health promotion strategy that will help me improve and promote success in the RN-BSN program and clinical setting.

These health promotion strategies include: Stress Management (reading the bible and watching sermons on YouTube, meditating, and exercising). Going to bed at a more reasonable time to wake up when prompted by my alarm. Continue to utilize the writing center to help assist with my written assignments while in the RN-BSN program Utilizing a planner to plan out my days and when assignments are due. Also, to all the measures mentioned above, I plan to continue to communicate with my instructor to ensure that I am using all of my resources to be successful in the RN-BSN program.

In the unlikely event of an unforeseen emergency, I plan to notify my instructors immediately so that my instructor is aware of my situation (Edgecombe & Robertson, 2016).


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