People of African American Heritage – Cardiovascular System Example

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"People of African American Heritage"  is an engrossing example of a paper on the cardiovascular system. Donna who is 5 feet 4 inches tall and is weighing 278 pounds and has a blood pressure of 160/96 and has a total cholesterol of 297. Donna is suffering from hypertension because of her increased weight. Her BMI is high. She is also exposed to the risk of suffering from obesity. It is also worth noticing that there are low calcium intakes among African Americans. Another factor is lactose intolerance. It is reported that 75% of African Americans are suffering from a low level of thiamine, riboflavin, Vitamin A, and C and Iron.

Donna’ s is suffering from decreased renin and increased intracellular concentration of calcium and sodium. This is all due to poor cultural practices. Most of the African American is under strict religious and cultural activities that prevent them from eating certain meals hence poor diet(Larry D. Purnell, 2012). This could be contributing to her condition. Culture in the workplace might also be affecting Donna. African Americans are highly presented in lower status jobs hence low income, low attitude, and poor living conditions which translates into stress and hypertension.

Some cultural issues are also preventing some of the African American women from certain physical activities which may also be leading to Donna’ s conditions. Certain beliefs upon certain lifestyles may also be contributing to Donna’ s conditions. Extended family roles and priorities amongst African Americans such as lack of physical activities especially if one is commanding any respect may also be leading to Donna’ s conditions. Environmental factors like living under industrial and substandard housing might have exposed Donna to this disease.

People living under industrial areas are constantly exposed to hazards that expose them to allergies which are resulting in poor living standards. In addition to this, these substandard housing conditions might also be denying Donna some time to practice and exercise especially because of the old age. These poor environmental conditions are increasing health risk for Donna who is old and this poses more danger to her health. Another environmental condition that may be resulting in obesity and hypertension may be related to the poor food supply from certain related environments.

  While providing interventions to such people who are suffering from hypertension, obesity, and hyperlipidemia requires that one brings cultural practices into question. It will be necessary that these people break from their taboos and beliefs with regard to the diet they take. This is because these beliefs and taboos give a strict lifestyle that may be influencing the health of most African Americans. For this reason, the physicians should provide a strict strict diet to be observed in order to control these diseases. Some culture prohibits eating of fresh foods of vegetables, meat, salt, and alcohol.

Moreover, it will be necessary that Donna break from taboos and beliefs that prevent her from carrying out some physical activities such as attending the gym and exercising. Physicians are advised to find out the eating habit of Donna before making a decision and providing a dietary calendar for recovery.


Larry D. Purnell. (2012). Transcultural Health Care ( A culturally competent approach, 4th edition. New York: F.A. Davis.
Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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