The Dangers of Drug Addiction – Addiction Example

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"The Dangers of Drug Addiction" is a wonderful example of a paper on addiction. The two aspects of drug dangerousness have been always risking addiction and adverse health and behavioral consequences. There would be different behavioral consequences. There would be drug dependence through a psychological or physical process. There has been characterized by emotional and mental preoccupation with pleasurable effects. There has been regaining stimulation, elation, sense of well-being, and psychological dependence that would be occurring when one would be developing a lifestyle that would depend on drug use. Drugs cause permanent health problems like a sickness. mental disorder. There would be mood changes in persons who have become drug addicts and that would mean they would be displaying a tendency of depression and suicide.

There would be many children who would be showing a behavioral aspect of rebel and high criminal incidence behavior. The main incidence of mental problems would be bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder is a condition or illness that is characterized by frequent changes in mood. The patient's experience conditions in which the mood is elevated or mood is depressed and both these periods will separate by a period of mood which will be normal.

Bipolar disorder can be termed as a condition of an episodic illness. Bipolar disorder can be seen as maniac depression that can bring forward change in mood, thoughts, and behavior. There have been periods of extremely high or mood elation- the phase of mania interspersed with periods of extreme low- depression, and periods of normality. In the high period of the disease, it has been found out that the patient may show increased self-awareness and self-confidence often bordering on grandiosity.

The period of low behavior has been shown to have diminished energy and increased likelihood of withdrawing from social interactions. There is a belief that the patient with bipolar is four times more disabled when compared with other psychological patients. (http: //www. health. qld. gov. au/mentalhealth/abt_mental/facts_bipolar. asp)   brain damage. Too much drug usage would be destroying the normal calculating and analytical ability. Usage of drugs like marijuana would be causing impairment of brain parts that would be controlling emotions, memory, and judgment and that could also affect the short term and long term memory. Cocaine has been seen as an extremely addictive stimulant and a drug addict would be losing interest in life and that would include school life, sports, family, and friends.

That could lead to feelings of paranoia and anxiety. Usage of drugs like glue, gasoline, hair spray, and paint thinner, which could be termed as inhalants would be having an effect on the brain. The vapors would not be leaving the body very fast and that would be destroying the nerve cells in the brain and thereby damaging the ability to learn, remember, and solve problems. “ Animals that were given the amphetamine during the adolescent time period were worse at tasks requiring working memory than adult animals that were given the same amount of amphetamine as adults, " study co-author and psychology professor Joshua Gulley of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, said in a school news release.

"This tells us that their working memory capacity has been significantly altered by that pre-exposure to amphetamine. "( http: //www. medicinenet. com/script/main/art. asp? articlekey=106825) "Adolescence is a time when the brain is continuing to develop into its mature form, so drug exposure during this critical period could have long-lasting, negative consequences, " Gulley said.

"Our findings reveal that adolescents are particularly sensitive to the adverse effects of amphetamine on cognitive function and that these effects can persist well after drug use is discontinued. "( http: //www. medicinenet. com/script/main/art. asp? articlekey=106825) c- the  possibility of death There have been many studies that have been done to understand the relationship between substance abuse and health issues and problems in the family. It has been seen that many teenagers have been taking many drugs and that would be affecting their lives. Too much drug usage would be causing death due to the breakage of blood vessels. The drug usage would be destroying the family unit and the reason for this is that a husband who would be using drugs would be creating problems in family life and that would be creating pressure on the children who would become more introverted and reserved and that would be affecting their future life. There have been substance abuse problems that would be having complex family difficulties like mental illnesses, child behavioral problems, poverty, or a history of abuse and neglect. "To improve child outcomes in substance-abusing families, treatment programs need to attend to the management of parental mental health issues and their corresponding impact on the parenting role". ( http: //www. psychiatryupdate. com. au/article/drug-use-in-the-family-impacts-and-implications-for-children/450619.aspx) The destruction of the family unit.   Juvenile delinquency. The bad behavior that has been displayed by young children would be due to the fact that they were either having drugs or due to a bad family environment.

The bad behavior that stems from the drug abuse could be stopped only if the substance abuse is stopped and then only treatment for bad behavior should be done. Drug or substance abuse would be increasing juvenile delinquency in many ways and the main reason is that young people would be looking at breaking the laws whenever they are under the dosage of drugs.

There have been many high crimes like stealing the money that has been done on substance abuse. Family environment Young children growing in a family loaded with criminal and substance problems would be having a high chance of following that path when compared with young children coming from families that are still holding the ethical values most. Research also demonstrates that a young person from an abusive home or one who has a parent with a substance abuse problem has a far greater chance of ending up in delinquent and illegal behavior. Smoking marijuana in the school There is also an element of peer pressure that would be determining the behavior of children and that would be affecting how the children end up.

There are many children who have come from ethical families and still ended up as drug users due to the pressure exerted by the peer. Increasing problems in Saudi families. Divorce in Saudi Arabia is going up daily Saudi Arabia has the second-highest divorce rate in the world.

( http: //taraummomar. blogspot. com/2009/04/divorce-big-d-word. html) There have been many marriages that have been broken apart in Saudi Arabia due to drug and substance abuse. But that is not the main reason in many cases as there have been cases in which the family of a woman has asked for a divorce on the ground that they were from a superior tribe when compared with the male family and the court had granted a divorce without looking or asking the consent of the women.

(http: //www. khaleejtimes. com/DisplayArticleNew. asp? section=middleeast& xfile=data/middleeast/2006/october/middleeast_october501.xml )There have been many divorces that have happened due to forced sex and rape and that is also increasing in Saudi Arabia due to the increased internet growth. There has been a compatibility issue that has grown due to the fact that the younger generation has been more western educated and has been willing less to compromise. Conclusion The increase in the mental disorder and criminal behavior of the person need not be related only to the drug use as there would be many psychological undercurrents.

That means a person may be using the disguise of alcohol to batter his wife or other persons. There would be many persons who would be showing highly complicated criminal behaviors and that would be just showing it off. Drug abuse leads to murder and mugging. Drug abuse could cause problems in a sexual sphere like rape and sexual harassment. But it is not only drugs that cause this type of behavior as there would be certain peer, family, and criminology tendencies that would be working also.


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