Smoking Cessation: CINAHL Database Research – Addiction Example

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"Smoking Cessation: CINAHL Database Research" is a great example of a paper on addiction. This study will rely on both primary and secondary data. In order to take ensure that primary data is gathered appropriately, questionnaires will be administered to students. The following shall be the procedure that shall be followed in order to ensure that vital data is collected. Questionnaires shall be administered among students through one on one delivery. The filled questionnaires shall be returned by dropping them in the lecturer’ s pigeon hall. ` Since the study will rely on both secondary data and primary, the study will depend on the rigorous method of article search.

Administration of questionnaires and interview schedules shall be done on one on one basis with the assistance of research assistance. One on one will be the surest way to enhance a high level of return rate. On secondary data, the study will use CINAHL as the method of material search. First, there is an illustration of the reason for the adoption of the method.   This search will be conducted using CINAHL.   The use of CINAHL would be informed by the reputation that system enjoys considering that it possesses approximately half of 3000 publications in the field of nursing.

(Levy, J. R.. , 2010). The site would also enable the researcher to access the articles needed for any study in full. (Nursing & allied health (CINAHL) 2011, 2012) Accessing the literature from CINAHL shall involve series of steps that would be important for the retrieval of the information needed. First, the researcher would seek to get connected; the researcher would then analyze the concept of the key topic needed which shall be “ Smoking Cessation” .

In this case, the key concept was Smoking. This shall be followed by me entering the first keyword- Smoking and then being searched. This shall be followed by the search of the second keyword which was – Cessation. The sixth stage shall be a combination of the search which would be the combination of both; Smoking and Cessation. From this point, the researcher shall be able to get a full text that shall present “ smoking cessation” . The researcher therefore shall be able to get more options that shall enhance getting enough literature on smoking cessation.     At some point when the researcher shall have identified multiple kinds of literature, the researcher shall be required to go further through refine results, which shall enable them to narrow my search on what is needed for the paper.

The materials obtained shall be saved for analysis Data Analysis Plan Specific variables that will be analyzed shall include the factors that promote smoking cessation. Factors that precipitate smoking cessation, factors that propagate smoking cessation, and factors that prevent smoking cessation.   The findings of the analysis shall be presented both diagrammatically and in tabular form. Data analysis for demographic variables  Data collected will be analyzed as per the set objectives using Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) to assist in data analysis.

SPSS provides a good output that can be retracted. SPPSS can also provide a researcher with a chance to make analytical references. Descriptive and inferential statistical tests Descriptive statistics such as mean, frequencies, and cross-tabulations will be used to aid in the representation of the results of the findings Qualitative data will also be analyzed using content analysis based on the set objectives so as to give the narrative form which includes direct quotations.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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