Addiction Essay Examples

Molly Drug Usage
"Molly Drug Usage" is a well-written example of a paper on addiction. With an increase in technology, more drugs labeled as “safe” have made routes to street markets presuming to offer the cure to diseases. These designer drugs trend in the streets as herbal drugs are in one way or the other consumed by unwitty teenagers. …
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The Role of Environment in Drug Consumption and Addiction
"The Role of Environment in Drug Consumption and Addiction" is a delightful example of a paper on addiction. Researchers point at the environment as a major cause of drug use and addiction. Addiction occurs when a part of the brain, which is mainly responsible for relaxation and pleasure, is affected, and one is unable to control the urge to use a specific substance.…
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Marijuana Should Be Legalized
"Marijuana Should Be Legalized" is a wonderful example of a paper on addiction. The use of marijuana was first recorded almost five thousand years ago. The plant was never popular until the last century where it started gaining popularity with anti-war and prohibition movements. In the recent past, the legalization of marijuana has been a controversial topic in the United States of America.…
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Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test: Ritchie Metcalf Case
"Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test: Ritchie Metcalf Case" is an outstanding example of a paper on addiction. As a nurse, I will use the Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT) that involves a ten-item screening tool designed by the WHO to assess the rate of alcohol consumption, alcohol-related problems, and alcohol drinking behavior.…
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Drug Abuse in College Students

"Drug Abuse in College Students" is a great example of a paper on addiction. Attention Getter: Do you know that college students are at a very high risk of indulging in drug abuse? It is essential to know that college students are the future of the nation, and therefore there is a need for the necessary steps to be taken to protect the students from possible drug addiction.


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The Dangers of Drug Addiction
"The Dangers of Drug Addiction" is a wonderful example of a paper on addiction. The two aspects of drug dangerousness have been always risking addiction and adverse health and behavioral consequences. There would be different behavioral consequences. There would be drug dependence through a psychological or physical process.…
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The Causes and Impacts of Addiction

"The Causes and Impacts of Addiction" is a decent example of a paper on addiction. In this article, a precise outline of addiction causes in guidance and counseling will be provided. The informative essay aims to educate the general public more about the causes and impacts of addiction. 

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Addiction and Self-Control

"Addiction and Self-Control" is an excellent example of a paper on addiction. Drug treatment is intended to help addicted patients prevent the development and use of compulsive substances. Treatment can occur under various circumstances, take several different types, and last for different periods.

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Addiction to Excessive Drinking
"Addiction to Excessive Drinking" is a worthy example of a paper on addiction. Casey's anxiety and depression have resulted from her current relationship. Casey attributes her recent health issues to the problems in her relationship. The reason is that they have had increased arguments with her partner, who complains about her increased drinking.…
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Marijuana Use among College Students and Its Impact on Their Academic Performance
"Marijuana Use among College Students and Its Impact on Their Academic Performance" is a well-written example of a paper on addiction. One of the largest public health issues among college students is the use of marijuana.…
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Treating Addictive Behaviors: Smoking Prevention and Cessation
"Treating Addictive Behaviors: Smoking Prevention and Cessation" is a well-written example of a paper on addiction. There is the aspect of the willingness to cooperating with the patient, whereby, he participates in the therapy session with the nurse by agreeing to cut back his habit of smoking.…
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Alcohol Dependence and Withdrawal - 12 Step Meeting
"Alcohol Dependence and Withdrawal - 12 Step Meeting" is a wonderful example of a paper on addiction. An ‘Alcohol Anonymous’ (AA) focused 12 step meetings are attended by alcoholics and their families because people get fair chances to reveal their experiences and beliefs regarding their addiction, obtaining knowledge to have self-control, and be inspired by other similar individuals.…
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Smoking Cessation: CINAHL Database Research
"Smoking Cessation: CINAHL Database Research" is a great example of a paper on addiction. This study will rely on both primary and secondary data. In order to take ensure that primary data is gathered appropriately, questionnaires will be administered to students. The following shall be the procedure that shall be followed in order to ensure that vital data is collected.…
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Alcoholism in Miami-Dade County
"Alcoholism in Miami-Dade County" is a worthy example of a paper on addiction. Alcohol is reportedly easily accessible and readily available in Miami-Dade County and alcohol users are at high risk for HIV due to irresponsible behaviors. In addition, alcohol consumption especially among young people contributes greatly to road accidents, traumatic injuries, suicide date rape, school and family problems.…
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Definition of Addiction
'Definition of Addiction' is a worthy example of a paper on addiction. Addiction is a state of the body and the mind craving for something to an extent that the whole wellbeing of the mind and the body solely depends on such a substance.…
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Excess Mortality in a Cohort of Cocaine Users
'Excess Mortality in a Cohort of Cocaine Users' is a perfect example of a paper on addiction.  The journal article concerns the study of the mortality risk factors of cocaine, the study being conducted on drug users admitted in hospitals for drugs in Spain (De la Fuente, 2013, pg 219 - 226). This study is therefore beneficial since the problem of cocaine abuse is common in many countries among the young adults.…
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Tobacco Program Funding
'Tobacco Program Funding' is a worthy example of a paper on addiction. As a result of the enormous risks associated with tobacco consumption as analyzed in the essay, the need for putting in place stringent measures to curb the vice is alive.…
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Side Effect of Alcohol on the Liver
'Side Effect of Alcohol on the Liver' is a wonderful example of a paper on addiction. In this article, Daniel Fullwood explores various side effects associated with alcohol consumption. He examines alcohol liver damage and how alcohol consumption is a major cause of preventable death in Europe and the United States.…
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Chocolate Abstention
'Chocolate Abstention' is a wonderful example of a paper on addiction. Chocolate has been one of my most favored food items. I had developed an intense and irrational craving for chocolate. This had caused me to seek it all the time and in every season.…
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Why Do Some People Need to Stop Drinking
"Why Do Some People Need to Stop Drinking?" is an engrossing example of a paper on addiction. Various people are always using low doses of alcohol for relaxation and to relieve tension, stress, and nervousness. Moreover, in some people consumption of alcohol create stress since alcohol stimulates stress hormones.…
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Caffeine Addiction and its Impacts
"Caffeine Addiction and its Impacts" is a great example of a paper on addiction. People with busy schedules rely on coffee to remain active and alert in order to keep up. College students who are trying to catch up with a whole semester’s workload on the night prior to exams are most affected.…
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Pathophysiology-Drug Actions
"Pathophysiology-Drug Actions" is a brilliant example of a paper on the addiction. Anesthetic drugs are administered medications to a patient to induce unconsciousness as a prerequisite to surgery. Some of the most commonly used anesthetic drugs include “benzodiazepines, ‘opioids’, induction agents, neuromuscular blockers, and sympathomimetics”.…
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Alcohol on the College Campuses
"Alcohol on the College Campuses" is a smart example of a paper on the addiction. There are several reasons due to which college students become Alcohol addicts. McGue reports that those students who consume alcohol have parents who abuse alcohol (Wanberg 223). Another reason is the way alcohol has been positioned by marketers.…
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Drug Addiction and the Lack of Rehabilitation
"Drug Addiction and the Lack of Rehabilitation" is a peculiar example of a paper on the addiction. Drug abuse and addiction have become one of the most threatening problems in this world. Simply understood, drug addiction refers to the state when a person can not live without abusing drugs. It's difficult to assess to what extent countries in the world expend for the eradication of drug abuse.…
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Smoking: Health Effects and Challenges of Quitting
Smoking: Health Effects and Challenges of Quitting' is a wonderful example of a paper on addiction. I hereby submit an analysis of smoking and its health effects. Also, I aim to decipher the challenges that smokers encounter when they try quitting smoking habits and the subject of cessation programmes amid anti-smoking laws.…
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Addiction Essay Examples to Show You How to Write

While there are numerous addiction essay examples available online, it does not make the process of writing a quality paper on your own easy. Apart from the wide choice of complex topic examples, a student must find good research data from scholarly work to complete the project before the set deadline. To help any student, we have compiled several essay examples and definitions of addiction to help make the writing process more manageable.

A Simple Addiction Definition

Addiction essays throw light on how substances and behaviors cause a brain's chronic dysfunction due to repeated misuse. Addiction, no matter the type, affects the quality of life for both the individual and those closest to the addict. Apart from having harmful consequences, addiction comes with financial, personal, societal, and physical costs.

So what is addiction in simple words? For drugs, substances, or activities to be considered examples of addiction, they must result in a long-term inability to stop or even moderate. Addiction simply means when something causes physical and psychological harm, and the addict reacts negatively when they don't get the substance.

Addiction Examples

While numerous essay examples highlight addiction topics, a good illustration is when a person cannot stop gambling and sell a home to get money to support their habits. The overuse of prescription opioids to prevent pain is another good example of addiction. Often people confuse addiction and misuse of a substance. So, what is an example of addiction?

When a person goes out on the weekend and consumes excess alcohol until they pass out, it's one example of misuse. The addiction part comes about when the person likes the feeling they get after drinking alcohol and decides to consume it often, even when it's more likely to impair daily life or regular activities.

The Greatest Addictions

By reading several free addiction essay samples online, a learner realizes several types exist, but the common ones are substance and behavioral. Examples of substance addiction are alcohol, prescription medicine, tobacco, and many others. The DSM-5 includes behavior examples such as gambling in the addiction section.

While food, the internet, video games, sex are other behavioral dependences examples, what is the greatest addiction? Research shows that the top three most addictive substances are:

  1. Alcohol

Alcohol addiction, often called alcoholism, can be caused by genetic, social-economical, mental health issues, and stressful factors. Examples of signs of alcoholism include frequent use and increasing quantity, hiding when drinking, and dependency for everyday function.

  1. Cocaine

The white powder causes an intense high that eventually builds tolerance. Peer pressure or social environment causes a person to start abusing the drug. Psychosis, brief euphoria, and dilated pupils are symptom examples of cocaine usage.

  1. Nicotine

Nicotine dependency makes it hard to quit smoking. Good examples that show you are addicted to nicotine include the inability to stop even when you have health problems and mood-related withdrawal symptoms when you try to stop.

While cocaine, nicotine, and alcohol result in dependency, the greatest addiction is heroin, whereby a single dose can result in death. Heroine also possesses a high risk of death from relapse and due to its highly addictive nature. The withdrawal symptoms cause extreme discomfort, both physically and emotionally.

After knowing the definition and examples, how do you start an addiction essay? While you might opt to look at several other essay examples, here is a simple follow step-by-step method.

How to Start the Essay

The first section of the essay includes a brief introduction of the topic and a thesis statement. The definition of addiction is also included and its effects. For instance, in the essay introduction, a learner might give a personal story to hook the reader and show how an addict would go to any length to get money to support their habits.

The thesis statement can also illustrate how continuous drug use increases dopamine levels and results in cravings or wanting more. A student can look for an addiction essay download and read the text examples given to learn how best to craft the introduction.

While it's easy to get a free essay from any website, the key to accessing quality download is to use a reputable database with scholarly papers. That way, the content you will write in your document ends up meeting the current academic standards. Reading several free addiction essays may give a student a clue to develop an impressive thesis statement and where to place it.

The ideal way to start an essay on addiction is to:

  • Use one or two sentences to explain what your essay is about
  • Use the question posed on the topic or prompt to describe the main idea briefly
  • Create a thesis statement
  • Depending on the word count requested, list three main points or arguments that support the thesis statement

The trick to developing a killer essay thesis is to ensure the sentence placed at the end of the first paragraph contains the central idea. Overall, the essay statement should be the answer to the topic question. Another question that student often asks is how do you write essays about addiction? Look at our examples and use the guidelines listed below to learn how to craft a quality essay.

The Simplest Ways to Write the Essay

In high school and even college, students may be required to write an essay on addiction. However, not every writer loves academic writing. A significant portion may check essay examples but still find that they don't know how to write a high-scoring paper.

Addiction essays database is a great place to access numerous free examples. However, every assignment requires a learner to present original content. Even when you emulate our essay examples, always incorporate these steps to ensure your writing produces a quality essay.

Start With the Prewriting Stage

All good examples of essays that have a prewriting stage involve creating an outline. Next, list all the key points you will discuss in your document. Ensure there is a central point in each paragraph, and it supports the thesis statement. If you have to pick a topic and don't know which one to focus on, read our essay examples. After choosing a topic, research extensively on the issue, especially from our essay examples, and note any relevant source.

Consider the Essay Format

In most cases, a professor specifies the format to follow. In such a situation, download the guidelines examples to know the structure and writing style to follow. In case you have to choose a citation style, consider your discipline. APA, MLA, and Harvard are the most preferred. Always read the current guidelines for specific citation styles because they change often or look at several examples of essays about addiction.

Start the Essay Writing Process

Start the addiction essay with a hook, personal story, interesting facts, or statistics obtained from a medical website. Develop your main points in the body paragraphs, which contain at least three sections. Include addiction examples and supporting arguments. Finish the essay with a rhetoric question or summarize the key points.

Don't Omit the Bibliography

Depending on the citation style used in the text, your document may end with a reference list, work cited, or bibliography. If you are using a database to find a source, verify it first by checking its complete information online.

The Bottom Line

Our essay examples will benefit any student who wants to master the structure, citation style, and writing process for any topic on addiction. This guide also comes in handy whenever you want to understand the correct way to craft a quality addiction essay.
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